Thank you everyone for your comments. I ordered the mats I need but only one of the sizes I needed was the bogo99. I think their treatment of you was shoddy and they certainly need to improve that area of their company. cutter, I would offer a few suggestions, (my opinions, mind you, just mine. Check out our accuquilt go! I am totally disabled and have had Accuquilt on my wish list for several years. AccuQuilt will make the necessary repair (s). Flying geese 3.5 6.5. The customer base included: Customers up to the present: Nokia Siemens Networks,. Find a 1 for sale on Gumtree in Rochester, Kent, the #1 site for classifieds ads in the UK. I guess I'll check my mats. Have I mentioned how much I hate cutting fabric? One has to be smart and there is not a lot of fabric waste. Which type of business is a strong steel manufacturer? I must admit that I love my go cutter but I love it for applique mostly. Lucky them. While it cuts them fine, I have a different technique I use. Choosing a fabric cutting machine can be challenging. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. At first I thought I would use it for geometries like HSTs and QSTs. Ive had more luck with calling than e-mails. I feel like I should quickly explain what it is and how it works if youve never heard of it before. And oh by the way I PAID for the GO! The regular price for Go! Make using the AccuQuilt part of your scrap management system by cutting strangely shaped scraps into useful sizes like 2.5 squares or small hexagons for English Paper Piecing. I make alot of scrap quilts and using the dies saves me alot of time. Scissors and rotary cutters are obsolete. Is it really good enough to buy it and use it in professional quilting shops as a standard? Cost Of 38 Common GO! Of course, the original cutters have gone through several iterations since those early days. Steve summed up AccuQuilts feelings about being able to help this group of quilters. I have looked at the Accu-Go and thought that it was way to expensive for what I would use it for. I tinker and sew, but always drool over beautiful quilts. AccuQuilt also provides starter packs and bundles. This is just 1 persons opinion and should not be the only reason not to get something. Is to know what you are going to use it for. Please contact Customer Experience to arrange the repair. How would I have cut a 100 accurate HST in 10 minutes without it. Maybe these problems are why the co. was recently sold? Please note that this is only my opinion and everyone is entitled to their opinion. Pattern payouts have been 60 days from the end of the quarter. Big is even heavier. I also know people who invested a lot in this product and find that it is more hassle than it is worth to use it. This article is about How do business owners quantify the value of PI objectives? which How to start a hotshot business with no money If you want to start a hotshot business then you need a lot of money. If youre lamenting the price (three hundred dollars isnt cheap), youre not alone. The Big Electric Fabric Cutter Starter Set cuts up to six layers of fabric at a time with precision, while maintaining maximum efficiency. And this cute block! Diane loves to craft and create. I called and didnt get any help from the company. Read all the details here, Accuquilt vs Cricut Which is better for fabric and quilting. You can even use the extra backing fabric trimmed off at the end of a quilt project to pre-make binding strips so you have one less job to do for your next quilt! Im irritated now that I have spent so much money on a product that I dont use and even more irritated at their integrity. I like that it can cut mulitple layers of fabric. Learn more in my article,Does Accuquilt Waste Fabric? You know Jo, Last fall as the quarter ended, I didnt get paiddidnt get paidand didnt get paid. Cart. The answer is actually yes and I talked about this in my video about my Accuquilt Die Collection (links above and below)however using these dies voids your Accuquilt warranty. Free Shipping on $225+. This typically takes an average of 10-20 business days. The AccuQuilt app makes it easy to keep track of your AccuQuilt products right at your fingertips. If they use AccuQuilts as a quilting standard, then that should be enough proof. If you buy the right dies for your designs, all shapes and patterns you quilt will come out clean, fresh, and professional looking. Arguably if you are a confident cutter with a sharp rotary blade you might be able to cut strips and other big shapes faster and through more layers than the cutter, but for complicated shapes with lots of angles like hexagons, circles, applique shapes, etc this is definitely faster and I value it for that. So it depends on how much of an issue cutting is for you but for me, it was worth the extra cost to save me from backaches, sore hands, and wasting fabric because I cut it less than precisely using a rotary cutter or scissors. Cutting fabric has never been easier! I think it is a wonderful product. I didnt want to use the wrong glue. but of course not for Accuquilt, just seems off the wall, the retailers have no chance of surviving with this law in place. Very good idea ; but .. I didnt hear anything about the roller thing . This is where the AccuQuilt comes in handy. Created for quilters, the AccuQuilt Go (around $292) can cut through up to six layers of fabric in a flash, saving you time and keeping your fingers safe from standard rotary cutters. Set. You would need a dedicated space for this one! and GO! Strip Cutter-2 " (2" Finished), GO! I will continue to make and share project ideas with you whenever I can. Cutter and I believe that what you have a problem with is the fact that she sold something that she recieved for free. The Silhouette Cameo 4 comes in 3 different widths, 12, 15 and 24. Here is the blog post. @MaryLu I just read your post above and would like to thank you for bringing up the rolling pin. I did a video and requested a die way back last die. Please call me directly at 888.258.7913 ext 392 so we can completely resolve this matter. . That same deal isnt on all the time but if you sign up for updates above I will make sure to send you the latest AccuQuilt sales and discounts when I see them! Now that opened up a new can of worms Love the idea of bigger dies and two dies cutting at once side by side But it is bigger, heavier and electric which means more things could go wrong etc. Many people totally love their fabric cutter I am one of them. This was one of the things I was interested in as previously it has been the tedium and difficulty of cutting out some of those sorts of shapes with acrylic dies that put me off making some of the quilts I would like to try. However, Over a year ago when I got my GO and needed some attention to a die I bought, they were Johnny on the spot and not only did they correct the problem but I got a phone call within minutes of writing my email. Almost all quilters unanimously agree: an AccuQuilt is worth the price. Let us revolutionize the way you quilt. Cutter Dies - AccuQuilt The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. And with each die being individually sold, not happy about that. As any seasoned quilter will tell you that before you can sew anything together, you first have to cut out the fabric pieces that you want to stitch together. Find out more about your rights as a buyer and exceptions. Plus learn about a special discount promotion and get a chance to win prizes from Northcott. Note: This post was first published in 2021 but has been updated several times do let me know if you see anything that is out of date! Accuquilt GO! There are over 320 to choose from! Then you dont have to worry about purchasing a bunch of different dies. Yara whose full name is Yara Zaya is a reality TV show star from Ukraine. ME. Fabric Cutting Dies; Rectangle 3-1/2-inch-by-6-1/2-inch; Quilt Block 47 $3999 FREE delivery Mon, May 1 More Buying Choices $34.99 (2 new offers) Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for accuquilt GO! Once the repair(s) are completed, AccuQuilt ships the cutter back to you at our cost, and it comes with a new warranty. & Go! AccuQuilts work wonders for those lucky enough to lay their hands on one. Thanks, Jo I have several issues with my GO! It was a huge risk for methe time, fabric, etc. Fabric Cutter is a great value and gives you the confidence to make projects you never would otherwise have attempted. If Jo feels that she no longer used it, it took up too much space, or she was disgusted with the color green, its her perogotive to get rid of it in any manner she chooses. Going forward, they will occur at the 30 day mark after the close of the quarter. We are continuing to promote the Blogger Incentive Program and Pattern Designer Program in full force and payouts will occur this month. Ring In The New Year With These Expert Quilting Tips. As time went on, I found myself not using it. Upcoming Events in St Helier. I do not like seeing silly prices for the products for auction sites I do support my special stores and appreciate their sales. We had a four floor antique store for years and came into about $10,000. Check Price On Amazon Ready. King Tutankhamun, also known as King Tut, was a young ruler who ruled Egypt during Why might a financial advisor suggest donating to a charity? I posted a note on their facebook wall, stating my opinions, and was rudely brushed off. We are proud that our fabric cutting systems yield accurate fabric shapes each and every time, and save time for quilters, so they can get right down to the fun part of quilting. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for AccuQuilt GO Strip Cutter-2 1/2" 2" Finished Fabric Cutting Die 55017 at the best online prices at eBay! Compatible with over 200 GOs! I have been in direct contact with the group this past year, and can confirm that this is not a crime at all. ;)). Thanks for being up front. Weve listed some key points that can help you choose a machine. Big Electric Fabric Cutter is a great buy for serious quilters. In this How to use chat GPT for business This is the era of AI technology where robots and computers are capable to do a task in What businesses go by crossword? I for one appreciate Jos honesty about Accuquilt. All quilters who I have found think that buying an AccuQuilt cutting machine has saved them so much time and frustration that it is total worth to cost of the machine and the dies. BIG ELECTRIC or STUDIO 2, so you could save around $200 if you buy the GO! I've got way too many dies. Should have asked for a refund and then just bought them from someone else (or not). rather wait fot at least 6 months for reviews to start appearing. Knowing your experience helps me with the NO decision! Im there to share my projects and get inspiration and the whining and complaining gets old sometimes. Hi really interesting to read the comments. BIG ELECTRIC is a really good option if you have arthritis or other physical disabilities that might make it hard to hand crank a machine. We started it all! I know the GO! I still got 63 dollars off and thank you girls for telling me about the sale. in cutting width and in price. Other than ordering mats that's it. Meet the AccuQuilt 90% Faster Than Rotary Cutting Accurately Cut up to 6 Layers of Fabric at a Time Reduce Fabric Waste Minimize Hand, Arm and Back Strain With over 200 piecing and appliqu shapes, a GO! This is a powerful machine that can be used for a wide variety of projects. AccuQuilt put together dies, mats, patterns, and machines in different bundles, depending on your various needs. Help support this blog by doing your shopping using the link below. Still no payment or response to date since I first contacted her at the end of January. AccuQuilt was started in 2008 and has been serving quilters worldwide ever since. This Patterns & Blueprints item is sold by LoriMillerDesigns. Cutter with quite a number of extra dies included). 2. Virtual quilting weekend December 31-January 2, 2022, For Vintage & Antique Machine Enthusiasts, Offline Events, Announcements, Discussions, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. I have had no dealings with the company and one of my favorite quilt shops is a accuquilt rep and she has only had good experiences with them So my question to all of you with your varying experiences, would you go for the BIG or stick with the GO and go with cranking? 1 talking about this. One such quilter said that they got one before anyone really knew what it was and all of her quilt friends all thought she was nuts, but over time, they slowly began to become more and more interested. 99. Deb, in defense of Jos reasoning for selling her Go! NO response. A good one; 2022 Monthly Color Challenge from Patterns by Jen; Sale on Accuquilt supplies today at QIAD; Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. A page for all AccuQuilt owners in Australia to share ideas, ask questions and buy/sell Products . Taxes; . The pattern and idea book that is also included in the starter set makes it very easy to get started. Cut-Out Ribbon 2 1/2" Width, Unit Cut-Out Ribbon 2 1/2" Width . This is the same as the Cricut Maker 3. AccuQuilt GO! You do need to know what you want to use it for. Some quilt guilds have AccuQuilt lending libraries where they share dies between them so you dont have to buy every die just the ones you use the most regularly. My GO! Welcome to my site! Im glad Accuquilt has responded in the comments and hope everything gets worked out for you. You wont need to wait around for a long time, because it is very fast at scanning and making accurate cuts. Then I decided no, I think its more appropriate if I am upfront with all of you. Use the cut strips for borders; narrow borders and tandem piecing, or place them on the die to cut squares vertically and at 45 degree angles for diamonds. The starter kit also includes: 2 GO! dies, a cutting mat and 5 patterns with easy instructions designed for all skill levels. I unliked their page and have not been back. Cutting with the accuquilt system definitely take me less time than if I tried to line up rulers and cutting mats. One of the major benefits of the Cameo 4 is the speed at which it cuts. Ive decided to explain in one big blog post rather than through individual emails. Register for Tuesday's event to be entered to win exciting door prizes! 99 $349.00 $349.00. 55544 Weathervane 8 Inch Finished Die Item # 55544 Barcode # 699195555442 more info $62.99. I am just not great at cutting straight with a rotary cutter and that has a knock-on effect to how well my blocks come together. :-) :-). I hope the people you have talked into not getting a Go! Set. Another handy feature of AccuQuilt dies are the dogeared corners. I just ran across this while looking for reviews. AccuQuilt Go! Fortunately, there are many techniques you can use to reduce waste and still get highly accurate fabric pieces. The project includes 51 new fabrics! Save 40% on Select Items , Watch our upcoming Live Events Register Now. And AccuQuilt is there to help you do that quickly, efficiently, and accurately. I may buy one die and a mat for a design that I would not otherwise make / cut by rotary or scissors and try this Baby. was a lot to put into a project without knowing if there would be any gain. Yesterday we received notification that their new pricing policy will go into effect on May 15, 2014. They never marked dies I do own so I end up having to return duplicate orders, haven't given e points numerous times. and Studio. That is all. Quilters and fabric crafters used their products to cut fabric to give it a precise shape, which is then used in quilts, home dcor items, and other fabric-based things. Is AccuQuilt going out of business? It all depends on your priorities. Some hobbies are more expensive than others, and quilting definitely falls on the pricey end of the spectrum. Personal Die Cutting also participates in affiliate programs with ShareASale, and other sites. what does coke and lemon do for your feet, how far is punta gorda from the beach, houses for rent palmdale, ca,

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