2 tourn seasons down & so far so good. For more information, please see our The Mini Digital Scale measures up to 50 lbs. I removed the clip and added a large single barbless hook. I bought this scale and fished a KVD big bass tournament and it was over 1/4lb off, then I fished another tournament and weighed a fish and it said it was 4.60 and the tournament scale said it was 4.96, its a very nice scale and i love the design of the scale but its not accurate. - Heavy-Duty Composite Weigh Clamp or Stainless Steel Hook, - Storage Bag with Sewn In Instructions for Quick Reference. Real data shows that this scale is not as accurate as more expensive models. The Rapala Touch Screen Tournament Scale 15lb is an accurate and reliable scale perfect for the avid fisherman. It is also important to note that digital scales are often more accurate than analog scales. Clips are awful just toss them but the scale is awesome. Found it to be pretty accurate. And it has a beer bottle opener. Jeremy. Checked for accuracy with different weights, 1.25, 2.5, 5, 7, 10, and it was spot on with aver weight and weight combination. The Rapala Tournament Touch Screen Scale runs up to 400 hours on two AA batteries (not included), and Backup Memory retains stored data if battery power is lost. I'll try mine when I get a chance to make sure. The batteries last forever too. The Rapala 50lb Sportsman scale is tough to change from kg to lb and then to lb, oz. thats just a waste of money! Mine accidentally fell in and took 3 days to dry out and start working again Give the cull tags to a co-angler just starting out, Comments:Great scale till you drop it in livewell. It has a capacity of 50 pounds and can measure weights in both pounds and kilograms. Blackpowder, Rifles, Etc. A user posted an answer on Jul 23, 2013, providing step-by-step instructions for resolving the issue. Netbender aka-Superhawk18 Posted Saturday at 11:40 AM, Just Fishin' It's easy! That fish moved him up a place in the standings. (It would have been nice if it defaulted to lbs and oz for those sold in the US.) Regardless, this is not a tool for dead nuts accuracy but instead to manage fish in tournaments where culling is allowed and it absolutely is a crucial tool for that purpose.From:Matt: Missouri 7/8/20, Comments:This is one beast, of a scale. Displaying weight in lbs./oz., decimal lbs. Rapala scale not accurate. or kg., easily record and determine the position of current catch in your weight total. For individual fish weights the accuracy deviation is better. Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov. Bummer! Read all the reviews, most all have issues. Maybe I got a lemon. The first few trips the scale did work, but now it is a complete mission to get the unit to power on and good luck getting it to power off once you have finished using it. This scale is definitely one of the best options without spending $80-100. Culling system permits easy identification of fish to be released for maximum total weight. It was awesome in the beginning, but I noticed the battery lid would pop off from time to time and now I'm left with a hunk of junk. Nor may it be copied, published, rewritten, or redistributed. Comments: Big help with sorting and culling fish. 1 Questions. I will continue to work with the scale, as I believe this is a quality product. Weights seem to be way off as well. We use data about you for a number of purposes explained in the links below. Amazon has encountered an error. Can this be user error? Rapala Touch Screen Tournament Scale 15lb, Rapala Fish Gripper 50lb Digital Scale Combo, Copyright Tackle Warehouse. - Gray. 8 offers from $10.48. A few hours later while fishing I took it out of my bag to use and it would not start up. I have rapala 50 lb capacity scale got it from friend .Can i change it from lb to kg i am in south Afrika and use kg .I tri tips nothing work. Going back tomorrow and will look for another brand. Additional Features: -Large Digital Touch Screen. The Rapala RSDS Scale is a digital scale that offers high-end features at an affordable price. Rapala Electric Fillet Knife. Sportsman's Digital Scale. . Rapala Digital Scale - 50 lb. Pkfish49 Weighs accurately, but my issue is that it's not as easy to weigh and store fish as others. The ones I got are plastic clips that have worked really well. Highly recommend. - Tare Weight - Memory Back-Up Specifications: - Pack Quantity: 1. When fish are that close, the cull beam comes out so it's not a problem! DIGITAL FISH SCALE. Waterproof, big screen display! Touch Screen Scale Tournament Model adds ease and convenience to weighing and tracking your catch. This deluxe, digital scale model is packed with upgraded features. The garbage scale worked once now the weight just goes up even without a fish on it. Rapala Digital Scale 15 lb . Reviewed in the United States on July 19, 2014. For example, I lifted 20lbs of barbell weights. https://www.amazon.com/ReelSonar-Ibobber-Bluetooth-Measure-Gripper/dp/B07CNHZ8MY. Rapala Touch Screen Tournament Scale 15lb, Rapala Fish Gripper 50lb Digital Scale Combo, Copyright Tackle Warehouse. Built with a large digital display, the Rapala Pro Guide Digital Scale accurately weighs fish up-to 15-pounds and shows easily in your catch-and-release photos. Wow these things just dont last. I've only had to replace the batteries once in 8 years!! It's been a while since I had to change it so I'll apologize in advance if I'm wrong, I have the same unit. Media Digital Printing di Kabupaten Sleman, Yogyakarta, menawarkan layanan digital printing. report. 4.0 out of 5 stars 14 ratings. $73.99. Comments: Dropped in water now wont power up. Scale handle is very small. To the trash it goes. Dicks was nice enough to take it back without the box or a receipt. Took all winter for it to dry out to where it now works. I bought this scale two months ago and the battery light is constantly saying it's low even after trying several new batteries. * Price comparisons are based on the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price ("MSRP") or Original Selling Price. The iBobber digital Bluetooth scale. It is powered by a lithium coin battery and features a tare weight function, water resistance, and a chrome plated hook. Add. Comments: Works great until it gets damp. Good as to it allows me to cull without thinking about it. 50 lb. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Rapala Digital Scale 50 lb at Amazon.com. Great product, I highly recommend it.From: Chris: Brooklyn, NY 1/26/20. This digital scale allows measurements in lb./oz., decimal lbs., or kg. All Rights Reserved. It is a GREAT scale until it gets tossed around the boat too much, or it gets water into the battery compartment or under the LCD. 1 # RAPALA MINI 25 POUND. Comments:Ive had issues with my second unit- turns on then immediately turns off 3/4 tries. Worth every penny of it too. On the positive side, the scale seems to work great once you work around the poor instructions and using known weights to test the scale is dead on!! Got some water on the screen and it no longer works. It worked good for a few trips and then the digital readout stopped working. Comments: I so desperately wanted this to be a scale that added value to one's fishing. Best feature is the quick grip clip for weighing fish no need to punch a hole when not needed. Unfortunately, your content contains terms that we do not allow. Rapala has been the favorite fishing lure since 1936. 2 4.5 out of 5 Stars. Favorite Bass: All three. in Digital Kitchen Scales. Next scale I purchase will at least be water resistant. Discover health tips, recipes, and fitness ideas. Two tournament wins and this scale matched the weigh in scales perfectly. Nutzungsbedingungen . 1 Questions. Edit - Using the Amazon link for a description - I purchased the scale at Dicks. Rapala 15 lb. I have to take the batteries out and put them back in every time I use it. Scale handle is very small. Reviewed in the United States on October 27, 2022, It has great features and Works very easily, Reviewed in the United States on January 3, 2023. I hope they don't give me a hardtime. Get the best deals on Rapala Fish Weighing Scales when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. You can set tare weight but, cannot be calibrated. I had the same thing happen to me. TW made it right, as always.From: TunaKiller: Bodega Bay, CA. It features a backlit LCD display and an easy-to-use keypad, providing quick and precise readings up to 50 pounds in 0.2 ounce increments. I have one and if I remember correctly, to switch it from Kg to lbs you need to hold one of the buttons down until it changes. Comments:Had to send in twice already. share. There are also commercial analog ones used in the food industry that are probably built better and will last longer. How to use the Rapala 25 LB. If you are considering buying one of these, save yourself the trouble and dont. Depression on back of scale which holds & stores optional hanger is loose and hanger falls off. With enough memory to keep track of 10-fish, the Rapala Pro Guide Digital Scale allows you to keep a running total of your bag, whether its a 5, 6, or 10 fish limit. Please. Easiest to read scale day or night! If you got one not accurate right out of the package - send it back and let them exchange it - they understand. The Rapala RMDS 25 Scale can be turned on and off by pressing and holding the ON/OFF/TARE button until desired result is achieved. Three measurements for weighting. Infinitely More accurate than most spring scales. I've tried a bunch of new batteries. And then the one my buddy had took off 1 to 2 and half lbs, like really??? If I remember right, when you turn it on, the display flashes a few times. Unfortunately they will routinely turn themselves off before you can get a weight on your fish. Would not buy again. Don't get the neg comments, but I'm happy with mine. Comments:Very accurate, easy to use, fish stays locked on, just wish it was water resistant/proof. It is important to remember when using a digital scale that accuracy is key, so you can make sure that you are getting the correct measurements. Very user friendly until it fails. The Rapala Tournament Touch Screen Scale runs up to 400 hours on two AA batteries (not included), and Backup Memory retains stored data if battery power is lost. Pound or kilogram measure. 11 options from $33.99 . I've had it for less than a year and needed it for 2 big fish and both times i had to fill my lives wells so I could take the thing a part, try new batteries and make sure the leads were making contact with the battery holders. Comments: This is a scale you need to buy yearly. You can find the clamp at tacklewarehouse. I weighed dumb bell weights and other random things and it was spot on. Be careful with it - and you should be good. Not an issue though as I lost my 2nd scale in the same fashion as my first- into the drink! Disclaimer: Content on this site is for reference purposes and is not a substitute for advice from a licensed health-care professional. Is this a known issue with this scale or digital fish scales? Or perhaps you could save 6 or 7 of them little guys and weight them all at once in bucket. More features than the Rapala, as this one saves all weights to my iPhone, making it easier to keep track of stuff. It is important to regularly maintain scales to ensure accuracy and prevent errors from occurring. Contrast is great!, Weigh's as it states +/- 1 ounce. This has made culling so much easier and saves time on the water. Start off with rugged high-grade stainless steel construction for unmatchable toughness against fresh and saltwater environments. An auto power-off option built into the unit would have removed at least one frutration!! $31.75 $ 31. Back-up memory retains stored data if battery power is lost. Mini Digital Scale RMDS-25. I like to way my fish during the tournament day and this scale usually shows a little light on my total but nothing over 3oz . 3 Questions. Here is the link to their website: We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests. How does the Rapala Tournament scale work? Highly recommend. Simple and easy to use. I'm sure a lot of these things have been destroyed by people less patient than we ). 181 Suburban Road San Luis Obispo, CA 93401, Tackle Warehouse LLC. The pinch grip is great. Being able to store your weight, add your weight, and even the number the fish is on the culling system that comes with it but I use Ardent Smart Cull system so i used fingernail polish and painted the color beside the number and it makes it so easy to know which fish to cull. Would not recommend!From: Unknown: Indiana 1/21/21, Comments:This is a great investment. Brand: Rapala. Fished a club tourney with a guy who caught a spot that came in at a whopping .65#! By My first tournament, I placed three cull tags on fish and placed them in the livewell. My first star ever! Read full answer. Comments:It was awesome when it worked , Had it 3 weeks and rained on it during a tournament and its junk now , they are NOT water proof so stay away unless youare a fair weather fisherman . Easy interface, hardly uses any battery power & very close weights to what is weighed officially. No instructions for optional hanger installation or use. Comments:Absolute garbage!!!! weighed them all and went back after weighing the larger and the smaller weights were right on even going back and forth several times. could be because its been in heavy rain a few times and rusted some of the metal internals idk, Comments:For all the ones cutting off take a piece of aluminum foil and fold into a small square where it is about the width of a dime and stick one in with each battery works great. I hope I'm not violating any forum Terms of Service by bashing the company, but I'm really pisssed. They are semi-water resistant, but leaving this out in a storm/hard rain, or it falls into the live-well for even 1 second, it is toast. Powered by a single 9V battery, the Rapala Pro Guide Scale offers up-to 500 hours of use and features a convenient battery life indicator on the display.To help preserve battery life there is an automatic 4 minute shutoff when the scale is not in use. Chrome plated hook and water resistant design. Comments: purchased this item last week. Great investment for $50. Accuracy on a cheap scale is 2-5% so 0 isn't wrong. This is one of the most preferred fish scale versions from Rapala. Hung a 12" cast iron pan from it and showed 0.0 lbs. Comments:Excellent scale that is must-have for tournament anglers. Complete with a battery display that lets you know when to switch out the two AAA batteries (not included), the Rapala High Contrast Digital Scale is packed with must-have features that will make catching and culling a breeze.Features-Reverse image LCD for enhanced viewing-Directional pad operation-8 Storage locations-Choose lbs, oz., decimals, or kg.-Tare weight-Memory back-up-Runs on 2 AAA batteries (not included). Now it is just bloody awesome!! The user instructions are unclear at best. -Large Digital Touch Screen-Accuracy - 15lb +/- 1oz-Stores up to 8 fish weights-Heavy Duty Weight Clamp-Stainless Steel Weight Hook-3 Weight Display Options - lbs/oz, decimal lbs, or kg-8 Storage Bins - stores up to 8 individual fish weights-8 Numbered Cull Floats-Total Catch Weight - Continuously displays total catch weight and stored weight in bins-Back Light - illuminates screen-Ambient Temperature - displays current air temperature-Sound - Turn acknowledgement tone on or off.-Tare Weight - weight fish in a container without including the weight of the container in the reading-400 hour life - two AA batteries (not included)-Storage Bag - convenient soft bag features sewn in operation instruction for quick reference. ;-((. I looked a long time for a digital scale that did not require puncturing a fish's jaw in order to weigh it. The Rapala 15lb. Displaying weight in lbs./oz., decimal lbs. You cannot paste images directly. Would not recommend but maybe I got a bad unit? I have used all kinds of scales and have yet to find one as good as this. I would buy this again. Comments:Great scale,screen very easy to read, weight is accurate. Worst thing about it is the clamp that holds the fish, this parts sucks. He used to get upset with the corrections, but now we just laugh and fish on. I have since tried new batteries and nothing. Thank you Level 1 Expert . Always read labels and directions before using a product. Comments:Rapala should be embarrassed for making this scale, have gone through a few of them . unfortunately, I must echo the sentiments of all the previous reviews DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! The same test weight (established on a certified scale) varied by .20# over multiple attempts. To turn on the scale and select the desired measuring units, press and hold the POWER button for three seconds until the screen flashes. Top handle is a bit to small. Seen plenty of top level pro anglers using exact scales with zero problems, I haven't had any issues as well. 1 Questions. Answers to Rapala 50lb digital scale error code 1 can be found on Fixya Web. Wish it were more waterproof, Comments:ive owned this scale for 2 years. I just spent at least half an hour trying to get the GD thing back to pounds from kg!! Comments:Wow see its been hit or miss with buyers on here. I have one of the rapala digital scales. Works ok but seems to off to official weigh scales, Reviewed in Canada on October 24, 2019, Reviewed in Canada on February 19, 2019, Amazon Basics Portable Digital Luggage Weight Scale, Black, Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon. I love the total weight feature too. Some of the ones sold to weigh luggage have a "tattle tale" needle that shows what the max weight was incase you can't see it while lifting. Comments: Picked one up a few months ago and I dont have anything positive to say about it. If you can visually identify a loose connection to that display area, and can reach the area easily, try resecuring it. It does have some quirks -have to push the screen a couple of times sometimes, or it turns off inadvertently (but it doesn't loose the previous entries), but, in general, works fine for me. Warning: Not very waterproof. Press ON/OFF/TARE button to reset the scale to . I'm very disappointed needless to say, I have been looking for a reliable scale for some time now and thought this one would be it but it is not. It stopped reading weight altogether. Useless.From: Bob: Danville 4/17/21, Comments:I bought one of these for my boat and it rarely works. Never got rained on just moisture from the rain I guess. Being a trophy hunter and catch and release guy, I have to admit that this somewhat expensive scale does not satisfy my requirements because of the sticking button issue. Once I reread them, its easy. It stays on zero. Q: easy to use. Only issue is it is always off against tournament scales by a pound or more on total weight and a 1/4 to 1/2 pound on individual fish. This scale is an excellent choice for measuring the weight of fish, bait, tackle, and other items when out on the water. The scale by itself is worth every penny (compare to the more quirky Cull-M-Rite scales $).

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