AK-309M Full-Length Century Proprietary pattern modular lower Add To Compare . Hoskisson:I made that original ACOG mount for me. Brandon explains how his company has streamlined the suppressor buying process. RS Regulate BM-12G Light Mount for Tube Magazine 12-Gauge Shotguns. wanderlustcrush 1 yr. ago. Our Products >> AK Master Mount Gen 3. It was actually a Bulgarian kit gun put together by someone who didnt know what they were doing. As many variants of AKs there are, there are just about as many variants of side rails. . Theyre so different. Compare. Optic Mounts & Sight Blocks AK-302M REAR BIASED LOWER - RS Regulate AK-302M REAR BIASED LOWER - RS Regulate $146.00 Rear Biased Lower Common Usage: AKM Type rifles (Russian, Bulgarian and other AKM pattern rifles) Product Dimensions: 4.78 x 0.55 x 2.16 inches Weight: 2.88 oz In stock Add to cart It attaches to the existing hammer and trigger holes by using the proprietary mounting pins. My mounts are very low, but if I was designing them for just one gun I could get them another sixteenth of an inch lower. To go back to my original AK and mount, my AK105 clone was a 5.45x39mm Bulgarian kit gun. And most of the people couldnt believe how low over the bore I could get the optic. They are busy manufacturing parts and not wasting time on the hundreds of emails they get asking if they are still in business. Step 2: Select the appropriate upper mount for your specific optic setup. $127.00 . And then, US Special Operations veteran Larry Vickers contacted you. Hoskisson:Yes. We believe the 2nd Amendment is best defended through grass-roots organization, education, and advocacy centered around individual gun owners. AKMD Bushnell TRS-25 or fixed-base micro modular upper VZ-304M Rear-Biased modular VZ lower As near as I can tell, and Im just an observer, no dog in the fight, the ownership has been reluctant to add manufacturing capacity to meet fickle demand driven by so many factors outside their control. View product. It is made from 6061-T6 aluminum and the modular design allows you to center your optic over the bore and set proper eye relief. When we get to the border we go to the CONEX we own. 100% user error. All Firearms News subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. FFL orders will ship within 5 business days or less as long as we have the information for the transfer destination. AKMP Leupold Deltapoint modular upper RS Regulate AK-312M Rear Biased Lower. It is the best side mount available for the AK. I saw a mini-ACOG for sale on SWFA for $500. Compatible with all AK-300 Modular Side Mount System uppers (not all fit the K). Easy to remove and reinstall very quickly. He got one of those original three and I learned that one of his friends was Larry Vickers. RS lowers are the strongest, lightest, and thinnest side mounts in the world. All you need is an upper mount compatible with the optic of your choice and you are ready to head to the range. RS Regulate Optic Mounts . View product. Perfect for concealed and everyday carry, the Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro is feature-packed and built for rough use. ADD TO CART TO SEE PRICES, Lost your password? Rs Regulate Ak-312M & AKML Upper | Northwest Firearms Join the #1 community for gun owners of the Northwest We believe the 2nd Amendment is best defended through grass-roots organization, education, and advocacy centered around individual gun owners. RS Regulate has developed a modular optic mounting solution that enables end users to select the appropriate upper and lower mount for their specific setup. Check out the new for 2022 Walther Pro SD with James Tarr and Jens Krogh. ago In addition, users can adjust both over-bore and front-to-back position of the upper, ensuring their optic is perfectly placed. Load more products. It positioned the mini-ACOG directly over the bore of my rifle. . AK-312M Rear-Biased modular SAM7K lower Legitimately thought I was losing my mind. Patrick Sweeney gives some history on this interesting pistol. Lets take the Picatinny rail for an example. This is an extremely well designed and well built AK mount. RS REGULATE AK-303M FULL LENGTH LOWER OPTIC MOUNT (5.0) 4 reviews Add To Favorite AK-303 Full-Length Rail Brownells sku 100011181 MFR # AK-303M UPC 617395300112 $127.00 In stock ADD TO CART Add To Favorite Can we ship this to you? And then I realized that I wanted to put an optic on it, because all the cool guys had optics. Until I realized it wasnt. Hoskisson:Well, we just recently received State Department determination that our scope mounts are not ITAR-regulated items. RS Products AK-304M Rear-Biased Base for the Czech VZ58 Rifle <p>Introducing the VZ-304M system from RS Regulate. NEW. The first thing I learned was that the side rails back then didnt center the optic over the bore. This lower mount attaches to your existing side rail and has a section of Picatinny so you can then attach the upper optics mount you need for your specific optic. It just doesnt exist, so I had no reference point to go back to. Hoskisson: Remember, the Russians were really quick to give you guns, but they werent quick to give you a license to produce your own. The lever is designed to adjust to each gun its clamped to. For more information go to -www.P65Warnings.ca.gov, Copyright 2023 - Website Designed by FDI Creative. AKMA Aimpoint ACRO P-1 micro modular upper When I made mine I had no clue anyone else would want one. David Fortier gets a chance to shoot the HK MP7 PDW at drivetanks.com. In Stock . CLICK HERE Free shipping on all Primary Arms Optics I thought Royally Screwed sounded funny. In addition Blacks Hills Ammunition also launched a 6mm ARC round and a 6.5 PRC. Customize Your Shopping Experience Select Your State. RS lowers are the strongest, lightest, and thinnest side mounts in the world. If I want them to fit a number of guns, there has to be an air gap between the optic mount and the dust cover. Remember me, Criterion 14.5 SBR Hybrid Chrome Lined 223 Wylde Barrel Mid Length Gas, Forward Controls Design SBCG Bolt Carrier Group - Dimpled, Forward Control Design LMC Magazine Catch, Emissary Development Paddle Shifter for Surefire X300 - V2, RS Regulate GAR-14M-R Galil Ace Rifle MLOK Rail 14, RS Regulate GAR-5M-N Galil ACE M-LOK Rail 5, RS Regulate GKR-7MS Kalashnikov Rifle M-LOK Rail w/ Sling Loop Cutout 7, RS Regulate GAR-9M-N Galil ACE M-LOK Rail 9, RS Regulate AK-307MS Full-Length Lower for Yugo Type Rifles, RS Regulate GAR-14M-N Galil Ace Rifle MLOK Rail 14, RS Regulate GAR-6M-R Galil ACE M-LOK Rail 6, RS Regulate GAR-6M-N Galil ACE M-LOK Rail 6, RS Regulate AK-306MS Front Biased Lower for Yugo/Serbian Type Rifles, RS Regulate GAR-10M-R Galil ACE M-LOK Rail, RS Regulate GKR-10M M-LOK Rail for Kalashnikov without Sling Loop, RS Regulate Bulgarian SAM7 Pattern Receiver End Cap, RS Regulate GAR-10M-N Galil ACE M-LOK Rail, RS Regulate GKR-5MR Krink Style PDW Ribbed MLOK Handguard, RS Regulate GKR-5M Krink Style PDW Smooth MLOK Handguard, RS Regulate GKR-10MS M-LOK Rail for Kalashnikov w/ Sling Loop, RS Regulate AK-301M Front Biased Lower for AKM Type Rifles, RS Regulate BM-1 AKM Spec Accessory Mount for AKM Type Rifles, RS Regulate AK-302M Rear Biased Lower for AKM Type Rifles, RS Regulate AKR 1913 Railed 0 MOA Optic Mount, RS Regulate AK-303M Full Length Lower for AKM Type Rifles. Have a Semi-Auto Belt-Fed Browning 1919A4/A6 but Live In a Mag Ban State? This two-piece design allows you to choose the lower and upper rail systems to fully personalize your setup. $127.00 . Hands down some of the most rugged and reliable optic mounting solutions for the AK rifles. David M. Fortier, James Tarr and Michelle Hamilton, Lauren Witt, Interdependence Public Relations. View Details. I am done burning my fingers on railed gas tube replacement type optic mountsThe stars have really aligned for RS Regulates mounts. JavaScript is disabled. View Details. View product. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser settings before proceeding. RS Regulate AK-312M Rear Biased Lower Scope Rail. I thought I was going crazy. Give a Gift This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. They have a quality that stands on its own. This is a side rail that is easily retrofitted to most milled or stamped AK styled receivers without the need to drill and rivet, or utilize a gunsmith. Hoskisson:At the time I was a sprinkler development engineer for residential, irrigation and cooling sprinkler systems. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. RS Regulate AK-312M Rear Biased Lower $ 143.00 $ 127.00-8%. The VZ-304 mount system is a rugged family of mounts for side rail equipped VZ.58 rifles. Come join the discussion about optics, builds, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! But I wanted it shrouded so it wouldnt snag on your vest, unlock and fall off. RS Regulate AK-312M Rear Biased Lower for SAM7K $ 135.00 Read more; RS Regulate AK-307MS Yugo Full Length Lower $ 135.00 Read more; RS Regulate AKOG (Full Size ACOG Mount) $ 82.00 Add to cart; RS Regulate AK-312M Rear Biased Lower for SAM7K RS Regulate AK-314MS Yugo Rear Biased Lower Is it one that was produced in 53, or 62 or 75? ", "The RS AKM mount is the best I have ever used. For more information go to -, RS AKMA Aimpoint Acro Mount **ADD to Cart For Best Price**, RS AKMR TRIJICON RMR MOUNT**ADD to Cart For Best Price**, Common Usage: SAM7K pistols and SBRs as well as SAM7SFK, AKM Type rifles (Russian, Bulgarian and other AKM pattern rifles), Product Dimensions: 5.41 x 0.55 x 2.16 inches. I have yet to find a gun that will outshoot the mount. So Bryan Flanagan from AIM Surplus and Paul Levy at Brownells were the guys who pushed me to make these things commercially available. RS Regulate AKRK Mini Picatinny Mount. I may have spelled that wrong, anyway be on the look out if you need this like I do. compliant. This 2nd generation AK-302M lower scope rail is one of the most precise, rugged, and lightest weight you can find on the market. Once this lower rail is locked down, it isnt going anywhere: ensuring that your rifle holds zero during recoil. Please note that changing out hand fit, factory parts with aftermarket parts & accessories may require hand fitting by the end user. And that was my first indication that all AKs are not the same. I run an Aimpoint. I need to be able to take my optic with me. AK-307M Full-Length Yugo NPAP/OPAP modular lower It is a cosmetically challenged AK-312M lower modular optic mount for AKM type side rails. Wet tumble steel pins dirty issues- anyone else have this problem? Small items will typically ship via USPS First Class Mail or Priority Mail. The vast majority of Combloc-type side rails are 60-degree dovetail mounts. When the Marine Corps unofficially tested my mounts they found no appreciable shift in zero even with very abusive handling. : This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. The RS Regulate modular scope mounting system makes mounting optics to the AK platform extremely easy. Tarr:Okay, and this is the part I love, RS stands for Royally Screwed. Thank you for your business! Ive had a long close relationship with the folks at IWI. If you have enough basic adjustability though, you can get the same clamp to work with all the different rail styles. Please feel free to submit any questions to sales@khybercustoms.com before placing your order. ", "In my experience, the RS Regulate AK-300 series mounts are the finest optic mounts available for the AK family of rifles. Once this lower rail is locked down, it isn't going anywhere: ensuring that your rifle holds RS Regulate AKM 30mm Optic Mount. RS Regulate AK-309 Full-Length Optic Rail for C39V2 and RAS47V2: Yugo AK Master Mount Optic Mount: Primary Arms SLx 3X MicroPrism with Red Illuminated ACSS Reticle: $140.00 (2) $154.99 (2) $315.99 (6) RS Regulate AK-301 2nd Generation Front-Biased Optic Rail: RS Regulate AKML Micro Red Dot mount 2nd Gen: The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. It carries no warranty. Out of Stock. Most of the people I was talking to were not aware there was such a big difference between guns. All Rights Reserved. A big issue with these pistols/rifles is that the position of the rear iron sight severely limits the optic options. 26 Submachinegun! Basically new Ive only mounted both are safe queens . NFA items will take longer to ship and are dependent upon ATF processing times. RS Regulate has the AK-312M available for purchase on their site right now. Theres roughly two different heights of siderails, I call them AK height and Dragunov height. Made in the USA. Add To Compare . Resin is cheap, its easy, and with a file you can change fit. AK-312M Rear-Biased modular SAM7K lower AK-353M Full . How much are they offset to the left? For those logos they put a crown on top, so thats where the logo came from, a crown and a screw. Superformance 165gr GMX Ca. RS Regulate has the AK-312M available for purchase on their site right now. It was a quarter-inch off-center. With the AK-300 line of lower rail mounts, you can easily remove your optic for storage and retain zero the next time you attach it at the range. Add to cart. I remember to this day the call I got when I was in a cab in Austin, Texas heading to the airport. Tarr:So walk me through the design of your mounts. I remember watching news footage of East Germans and Russians. Hoskisson:The mounts return to zero better than the gun does. RS BM-1 AK ACCESSORY MOUNT. I have been a customer for quite some time. It depends. YOU MAY ALSO BE INTERESTED IN THESE PRODUCTS. Savage Arms Impulse Elite Precision Rifle: New for 2022, Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Plus Tested (VIDEO). Yes. Compatibility: These optic mounts are compatible with most AK47, AKM, AKSU and AK74 pattern rifles that have factory side rails on the left side of the receiver. Tarr:Is this all stuff that you discovered while trying to figure out your own scope mount? To view this site, you must enable JavaScript or upgrade to a JavaScript-capable browser. I know the Russians have played with them a lot, and wanted a large quantity of them, which I couldnt let happen for various reasons, especially after what took place in Ukraine. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. You can get Picatinny rail mounts, but that would have put the scope another inch higher in the air after you put the mount on the side rail. Larger, bulky or heavy items ship via FedEx or UPS Ground. Yeah I got one a week ago definitely worth the wait. This 2nd generation AK-302M lower rail is one of the most precise, rugged, and lightest weight you can find on the market. Example For Bulgarian SAM7K pistol and SBRs, Russian and Bulgarian AKM, IS NOT COMPATIBLE with the VEPR/FIME Vepr-FM, AK-307MS Yugo Full-Length Lower (Cosmetic Second), AK-309M Century Proprietary Full-Length Lower (Cosmetic Second), AKMR Trijicon RMR Mount (Cosmetic Second), VZ-304M VZ.58 Rear Biased Lower (Cosmetic Second). 2023 Outdoor Sportsman Group. It dies fir Arsenal Sam7sf. Add to cart. Early Bulgarian guns are almost clones of Russian guns. About 5 days ago they replied saying they just got more back from parkerizing. In 2008 or so I bought my first AK, an AK105 clone, because to me they are one of the sexiest AKs. 4 yr. ago Owner of RS Regulate. This 2nd generation AK-312M lower scope rail is one of the most precise, rugged, and lightest weight you can find on the market. At the time I was making resin prototypes to check fit. Midwest Industries Gen 2 Yugo Side Mount - Aimpoint T1/T2. Hoskisson:Im interested in AKs because Im a child of the Cold War. $75.00. James Tarr interviews the founder of RS Regulate about building the best AK scope mounts on the planet! Add to wishlist . Finally I can mount scopes AND use a cheek weld. $77.00. The main types are the really early ones, 50s and 60s. As for the optic mount, theres a quarter thousandth interference fit between the rail mount and the optic platform, so it is very snug to start with. 1 - 5 of 5 Posts This is an older thread, you may not receive a response, and could be reviving an old thread. They repeat zero, hold up to abuse, work with today's best optics, place the optic low enough to co-witness with your iron sights, allow field stripping without being removed in most cases, and weigh very little. Yugoslavian guns, not at all. We talked for about ten minutes. You can see the iron sights through a Trijicon RMR. : This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. Then youve got other variables: was Ivan drunk? The RS Regulate modular scope mounting system makes mounting optics to your AK-47 pattern extremely easy. Ive got pictures of myself holding rulers next to things to prove to myself later on that I was not measuring stuff incorrectly. AKOG Trijicon ACOG or Browe BCO modular upper Are any of your products getting used in any sandy environs? So I do everything I can to make sure only the right people get my mounts. RS Regulate AKM 30mm Modular Ring Mount $ 75.00 $ 69.00-9% OUT OF STOCK. Hoskisson:Paul Levy from Brownells saw some of my posts and said my scope mounts were really cool, and if I made them Brownells might want to carry them. Thanks for the heads up, these are hens teeth. AK-310M Full-Length M10/RH10/PSL modular lower RS lowers are the strongest, lightest, and thinnest side mounts in the world.

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