Without contact from the outside world, no support, no friends, nobody who cares, prison is a really dark and lonely place. I never received my confirmation email from WriteAPrisoner.com. How do I go about getting one of your brochures to an inmate? The inmates listed are convicted felons and caution should be used. //]]>. A constable or process server has to contact the facility's superintendent's office first so gate clearance can be prepared to allow them access to the visiting room. DOC employees are ONLY able to provide information to the one person the inmate has designated as next-of-kin. You smile more and feel good. Complete information can often be verified on a government website. Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18, Must read Terms of Service & I have power of attorney for an inmate. Correspondence fills the void of loneliness. What types of profiles receive the most mail? Alison Flood. In many cases, inmates are simply planning on an earlier or later release based on criteria that has not yet, or may not, be applied to the government's website. Many inmates get ripped off by using inferior services. To list an inmate or send them an application, We (meet-an-inmate.com) accept no responsibility for the accuracy of any content found within these pages. Although the site provides no Internet access of any kind to inmates, it has often been called the MySpace and Facebook for inmates[4][5][6] by the media. That income is used for operating costs as well as ourScholarships,Welcome Home Kits,Reintegration Profiles, and other community programs targeted at reducing recidivism. The ads placed on my service are written by the inmates and we are only the means by which their ads are published. If the change of address is verifiable online at the official state or federal website, you may use the Report an Address Change link found on each inmates profile. DOC policy is very strict about who may receive information about an inmate. By signing up as a Pen Pal, you understand that you are obligating yourself to witness to a prisoner via regular mail and you affirm that you are at least 18 years of age. [CDATA[ Yes. Many inmates are indigent, and we fully understand that they may ask people on the outside for money once correspondence is established. If you are afraid mail has been lost after a reasonable amount of time has passed, we suggest sending your letter again. Keep in mind that all the information you see is provided by the prisoners themselves. Winchester, Oregon 97495 Arlen Bischke Address your envelope exactly as shown. You can email or mail the photo along with the inmate's complete name, mailing address, and any specific instructions to: Option 2) WriteAPrisoner.com google_ad_width = 120; Is this common amongst inmates? Completing a profile typically takes 3 to 4 minutes. Mail helps a lot. Postal Service's Media Mail or Parcel Post. If you are under 18 years of age, you can jeopardize our service and the inmates who use it by visiting this website or making contact with inmates. You can email your first message to an inmate on our website. Mail is rarely lost as long as it is addressed properly. This method is optimal for sending books and is less expensive compared to first class rates. "Verified" may be displayed next to an inmate's photo or crime. By registering on this site or contacting any person registered on this site, you acknowledge this and agree to hold this site, its owners, its webhost, and any other persons and businesses affiliated with this site blameless for any damages that may result from your use of the site, writing to, or meeting people through it.. Only the inmate can be featured in the photo. Click on this photo and their personal ad will open. For more information, including possible scams, see our. Does WriteAPrisoner.com work with minors? Use implies acceptance of our Terms of Service & Privacy Policy. [42] The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit also found that inmates have the constitutional right to seek pen pals through websites. We do not encourage you to send money to an inmate at any time. Please read our Point of Contact page for some tips on writing for prison pen-pals. 1072. Enter the inmate's name and number below to begin. A prisoner is allowed 1 free video call a month. By using this service, you agree to not hold us responsible for any costs, liabilities, attorney's fee, or damages that you may incur. We are very customer oriented and we are the top ranked site, which means meet-an-inmate.com gets more visitors than any other inmate penpal site in the world. Why? According to the site, the goal is to work with states' departments of corrections to ensure that the First Amendment rights of inmates are protected. Post these at no charge. [8] By 2003, the site had about 10,000 hits per day and presented profiles from inmates in about a dozen countries. Please be very patient. To serve an inmate with court-related documents (such as custody papers) regardless of the document(s) being served on an inmate, it can done by a sheriff, constable or process server. Please note that we are unable to help you retrieve your account if you deleted it yourself. Why was my email forward to an inmate rejected? Just think of how lonely it must feel at mail call to never hear your name being called, especially after being locked up for several years and family and friends have deserted you. Be understanding without being gullible. I am being asked to send $60 so the "Victims Compensation Fund" can be paid before my child can be released. You may start looking forward to receiving the letters just as much as the inmate does. Also, consider adding our Books Behind Bars link to your online profiles:Books Behind Bars. Please provide as much information as possible. Address stickers used for return addresses are banned for the same reason. You would need to register a new account. No. If the photo is a profile addition, and payment still needs to be made, please do that here: Make Changes to an Inmate Profile. Once this is returned to us, the profile is removed. In these cases, we recommend checking the inmate's profile again after two weeks to see if the address has been updated. Please help by spreading the word. A few books in prison can go a long way. [9] Inmates using WriteAPrisoner.com only have access to postal mail. Why do I have to provide my mailing address when joining your website? Under no circumstances will we work with anyone under the age of 18 years old. Box 845 Be careful about the information you share with your inmate pen pals because there's always a chance that they are dangerous. Do I have to sign up for this program before I can donate materials? The appropriate safeguards should be used in communicating with any person(s) that you may meet through this service. Once you have selected a prison pen-pal to correspond with, you have the option of sending your first message free of charge. You never want to get caught up in the things prison life has to offer the negativity aspect. When communicating with anyone who is at first a stranger, caution is always advised and its just a matter of using common sense. Correspondence has given me friendships that I cherish. Inmates are moved frequently, even within an institution, so this could be a factor. )Use the drop down menu to decide the type of search. They are combined with other required fees. Can you help me? While we are unable to help you locate inmates directly. These help fund victim/witness programs, shelters and reimburse out-of-pocket expenses for crime victims who may not be receiving restitution yet or at all in their case. If a loved one or friend is incarcerated at one of the 25 Department of Corrections' (DOC) state correctional institutions (SCI), his or her incarceration generates a lot of questions from family members and friends on the outside of the SCI.. It has introduced me to friends who have been essential in my maturation and rehabilitation process. Processing does not begin until we have received full payment and all required profile information. [17] WriteAPrisoner.com removed the profile at Smith's request. Staff will help to stop such letters. And that feeling itself is recharging. Inmates also have the option to post any of our reintegration profiles at no charge to them. Depending on when your loved one arrived at DOC determines how much money he or she makes working inside the prison and how much money sent to him is deducted from the inmates for these fines and the rest of the case. If you are under 18 years of age, you can jeopardize our service and the inmates who use it by visiting this website or making contact with inmates. I wrote an inmate. If you are not receiving emails from us, your email provider is most likely flagging our emails as "spam" or "junk mail". [26] [27][28], Some controversies involved claims of inmates misleading the public. window.__mirage2 = {petok:"AG4SORBjX3b15F0ZZ3zIY9VJDA_8hnP1x9j7HCU5d58-32400-0"}; //-->, http://www.meet-an-inmate.com/locator/index.html. Becoming prison pen pals is an excellent way to do that. What the Write A Prisoner Site Does Best: If you want to find out more about the community programs that prisons run for their inmates, Write A Prisoner is a great resource. However, the inmate was sent a profile renewal letter from another company which implies that it is from your company. If you have a question or an area of concern not addressed in these topics, please use the Contact Us icon below to connect withDOC staff directly.In additional to this information, common questions DOC is often asked are here and may also be helpful. If you don't hear back from the inmate, use our Inmate Locator to verify that the inmate's address hasn't changed. It is free to write the inmates. If you get one of these, please mail it to: This is done for their protection. It is recommended that you do not send cash, personal checks, stamps, stationery, or any items of any kind without first checking with the institution at which the inmate is incarcerated. Inmates must submit in writing that they want their profile removed. [40] San Diego State University graduate student Tania Mejia-O'Donnell, a 2018-2019 Inamori Fellow, explored inmates' pen pal experiences through WriteaPrisoner.com.[41]. Profiles written as "seeking friends" instead of "seeking romance" receive 86% more mail on average. Writing Inmates. Do a good deed and write to prisoners today! Some of the organizations listed in the directory are not correctional facilities. How can I get this done? I need to send a photo of an inmate to have it placed on their profile. Tue 18 Apr 2023 02.00 EDT. The total amount is $600 minus the $60 mandatory victim's compensation fee. Your letters are sure to remind them that they truly deserve a second chance. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-2759167235257224"; Renewals can be made at any time. The benefits of correspondence are many for me. Once you make this change, you should start receiving our emails again. After this, you would need to use a prison approved email service or postal mail to keep in contact with the inmate. Winchester, Oregon 97495, to write and exchange life experiences? This is really a case-specific question, and the inmate would have to answer it. The inmate ID must be referenced and the check can be mailed to the institution where the inmate is housed. The inmates pay a small fee to be listed. What should I do? Step 4) Click the "Log in" button at the bottom of the page you opened from the email we sent. Yes. His profile was also removed by the site. Smith received more than 6,000 letters in response to her profile. There are some unscrupulous services known for sending our members renewal notices with brochures almost identical to ones here at WriteAPrisoner.com. Jose Moran, Centinela State Prison, California, Derrick Handy, MCF Moose Lake, Minnesota, Brittany Golightly, Dayton Correctional Institution, Ohio, Berly Valladares, Pontiac Correctional Center, Illinois, Purchase Credit for an Existing Inmate Profile. ( Check your JUNK MAIL FOLDER in case our Email is filtered.). One of two different options may happen: 20% is deducted for CVCF and for costs/fines/restitution off of the top of any incoming deposit made to an inmates account, 50% is deducted for CVCF until it is paid in full, then 20% starts for costs/fines/restitution. What can I do? [30] A study conducted by the University of Louisville reported that not all inmates on the site accurately reported their crimes or release dates at one point. Inmates who establish and maintain positive relationships with people outside of prison are less likely to return to prison in the future, also improving the inmates chances of successfully reintegrating into society when released. Also, please note that media mail takes longer to arrive. What should I do? [36] Others found freedom through the site after their profiles attracted the attention of attorneys and human rights groups.[37]. Should I include a cover letter with my donation? If you believe this work is worthy, please consider giving! Move the cursor onto the left of the docket number. Female inmates are housed at one of two female prisons: SCI Muncy or SCI Cambridge Springs, Crawford County. [10][11] In 2010 the website received about 2 million page views per month.[12]. If you emailed an inmate using our email forwarding service, messages are sent on the 7th and 23rdof each month. Also, mail can be lost, the inmate could be sick, or perhaps the inmate is short on funds for postage. We, recommend and promote using this site to find pen pals for friendships, and not romantic relationships, To start your search for an inmate pen pal, simply click on either the. If you are under 18, please EXIT now. The inmates listed are convicted felons and caution should be used. We also HIGHLY encourage going through a reputable service, such as writeaprisoner.com which is a website that creates profiles for prisoners, and links them to good people such as yourself. If you are under 18, please EXIT now. However, depression can be a reason that your prison pen-pal has stopped writing. An inmate is not permitted to be sent any items of value, such as a professional signed sports memorabilia. Be understanding without being gullible. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The inmates listed are convicted felons and caution should be used. This is a fee-based service. WriteAPrisoner.com Legal Department Many pen-pals will send $25.00 or so on birthdays or holidays to the inmate they are writing. //accidentally called 112 uk,

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