What we do with the campaign is we invite organisations across the country interested in demonstrating their commitment to tolerance and diversity and inclusion to join as supporters, to undertake some work in countering prejudice. Discrimination is a factor: we know that. Provides students with the opportunity to integrate on-the-job experience with secondary study. Quite often, it begins with just asking people about their experiences and listening. In order to understand what prejudice and discrimination look and feel like, we need first to be able to put ourselves in the shoes of someone who may be on the receiving end of prejudice and discrimination. The DCA-Suncorp Inclusion@Work Index 2017-2018 is a landmark study, providing the first-ever national benchmarks for Australian workplaces in regards to the age, cultural background, disability status, gender, Indigenous background, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity of workers. Where an organisation is able to manage its cultural diversity and be inclusive, it is more likely to reduce the cost of staff turnover, more likely to minimise legal and compliance risks, more likely to negotiate any negative publicity that may arise from mismanaging a case involving diversity. Employees over 45 years old receive an extra weeks notice if they have been with the employer for at least two years. Employees who have six months service with an employer (or 12 months if the employer has fewer than 15 employees) are usually eligible to claim unfair dismissal, if: Employers risk penalties of AU$13,000 (8,392, US$9,525) per breach for an employee and AU$66,000 (42,611, US$48,358) per breach for a company if they ignore obligations under workplace legislation. Harmony Day, 21 March, happens to coincide with the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. WebWomen in the workplace are often addressed as Madam and men as Sir. It helps in becoming comfortable in the workplace and creates an encouraging environment, leading to better productivity. Refer to the foot of the policy page for contact details. Maybe you should slide over. Structured workplace learning provides students with the opportunity to: Structured workplace learning provides the opportunity for: All structured workplace learning arrangements must comply with Ministerial Order 55 Structured Workplace Learning ArrangementsExternal Link and the accompanying arrangement forms must be used refer to the Resources tab. Now that has a slightly different ring to it. Web organisational structure changes affecting offices and staff/roles. There are only currently two who are of Indigenous background. Or are the things that youre doing designed more to mollify our own feelings than to tackle the real challenges brought up by diversity? Law and for travel both the employer and the parent/guardian or the student if they are aged 18 years or over. In addition, the APSC also has Ive been speaking a lot to people in corporate Australia about cultural diversity and leadership and it has been said to me that sometimes the worst response a young professional can make when they had been passed over for a promotion is to jump to the conclusion that they may just need to work a little harder. And for me, unconscious biases cannot be separated from broader social attitudes that we may have about our cultural diversity. You may recall that at the time that there were vocal criticisms and rightly so that women comprised only 32% of the recipients of the Order of Australia awards handed out on the Queens Birthday. If you think of the source countries of our migration at the moment, the two biggest source countries are now India and China. The one aberration that was found in the research was that in Melbourne it was in fact an advantage if you had an Italian sounding name, not a disadvantage. 6 0 obj That comes to about 3% of the total. You can also choose to highlight any accolades your company has achieved to appear more trustworthy. In addition to our Racism. where a student is undertaking structured workplace learning as part of a VET program within the VCE including the VCE Vocational Major, or the Victorian Pathways Certificate the principal must be satisfied that the student is undertaking, or has completed the OHS training unit of competency within the VET program. We should be clear that empathy doesnt require us to do an exercise of impersonation. Find your Regulator Australian WHS Strategy 2023-2033 Download a copy of the strategy Why we're here Lets think about what the future Australian workforce is going to look like. Perhaps most pertinent to all of us here today, theres another scene, involving an interview. WebHere are some tips on etiquette in the Australian workplace: Always arrive on time at your workplace and for meetings. Thus, make the most of this section. Very few countries have managed to conduct the programme of immigration that this country has had since the end of the Second World War period and do so without experiencing significant social fragmentation or division. Now we dont need to do anything as radical as that to be able to empathise. Awards, contracts, enterprise (collective) agreements may stipulate longer periods of notice, such as one month rather than one week. endstream At the moment, we have about 350 organisations that have done this. Australian employers value diversity, work life balance, the wellbeing of their employees, and dedication. In fact, for those of you visiting Sydney this week, if you were to pick up a brochure about what to do in the city, you would most likely find Cabramatta being mentioned as a food destination, a place where you can make a day trip to sample the authentic delights of South East Asia. But 21 March was proclaimed by the United Nations as that day in 1966 to commemorate the Sharpeville massacre in South Africa which occurred on the 21st of March 1960. Department policy on planning for and conducting structured workplace learning in schools. I want to talk to you about the old neighbourhood where I grew up, here in South West Sydney. It has on it a number of inscriptions in a number of different languages, in Chinese, in Vietnamese, in Khmer, in Lao and in English. Qw3T30PISp " Im interested in your answers, but I do believe the challenge that we have is one about changing attitudes. A central part of our educational work involves the National Anti-Racism Strategy, which has been running since 2012 and which aims to empower Australians to speak out against prejudice and discrimination. The advertisements were aired to raise awareness about the harms of racism against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Our workplaces across the country are, of course, manifestations of the diversity that we have. WebStructure of the CSfW 8 Using the CSfW 13 The Performance Features 13 The Influencing Factors 13 Performance Features Tables 15 1a. 7 0 obj In the Financial Times, there was a report about a study by the American Sociological Association which found that every 1% rise in gender ethnic diversity results in a 3-9% rise in the sales revenue. stream The APSC has responsibility for the administration of workplace bargaining policies, including the 2014 and 2015 policies. endobj Where an organisation is able to manage its cultural diversity and be inclusive, it is more likely to reduce the cost of staff turnover, more likely to minimise legal and compliance risks, more likely to negotiate any negative publicity that may arise from mismanaging a case involving diversity. You might say well maybe its a bit unfair if we are just look at Departmental Secretaries; if we were to look the rung below, perhaps we might find a different, more positive, encouraging picture. endobj WebInclude the recipients name and postal address at the top of the letter. It was the 1990s and if you wind your clocks back a little, youll remember that a place called Cabramatta was the heroin capital of Australia, the hub of ethnic crime. The national minimum applies to most private companies in Australia that are regulated by the Fair Work Act (2009) and whose employees are covered by the National Employment Relations System. To date, weve had organisations from corporate Australia and higher education and sport, from local government, to name but a few areas, come on board. If employees are not covered by a Modern Award or Enterprise (collective) Agreement setting out their overtime entitlement, overtime pay will depend on their individual contract. Could you really rely on her? I give you the example of the Queens Birthday Honours List from last year. You can also ask a question about a certain topic that you thing someone might have some expertise. These begin the day after the employer tells the employee they want to terminate employment and end on the final day of work. In the case of 15 or more collective redundancies the relevant government agencies and trade unions must be informed. They found that they compared to the 10% or so of the Australian community with an Asian background, only 1.9% of executive managers and 4% of directors have Asian cultural origins. There are many principles, values and influences that You can talk about weather, sport, current event. So the problem were talking about here is far from marginal; it is something much more prevalent than what you might expect. Lets consider as well our universities and the senior leadership of our universities. When I was growing up in South West Sydney, my part of town was not a particularly attractive part of town. Employers should ensure that students are aware of the workplaces COVIDSafe Plan, if available, as part of their induction to the workplace. Therefore, we will address all the aspects of the work culture in Australia to start your expansion well-informed. Employers and employees are both responsible for But I think about the town square there, where there is an ornate gate that was erected in the 1990s. Training. But if that is the case, if we have been a successful multicultural country, how then do we reconcile the persistence of racial discrimination, how do we reconcile the lingering, insidious presence of that invisible discriminator who continues to whisper in the ears of many, including in the workplace? These can be embedded in the evaluations that we make and the responses that people make to unconscious bias when they may have experienced it can contribute to this. So, again, based on a quick, informal audit of the 800 odd recipients of Queens Birthday Honours in 2014, there were only about 25 names of apparent non-European background. There are some interesting statistics from America, which illustrate that share prices for publicly listed companies can drop significantly within 24 hours when a diversity related complaint becomes public. Could you really imagine them as a leader? 3 0 obj Background. Can someone who does not ever have to experience discrimination be honest about the possible privilege that they may be experiencing? The pictures pretty clear. Working or interning in Australia can be a fun and Do you think they could really do this under pressure? It may be the case that some from particular cultural backgrounds are especially prone to thinking in those terms. To succeed in business in Australia, it is vital for both employers and employees to have a strong understanding of the business culture. On termination, employees severance pay should include: Termination due to redundancy entitles employees to severance pay based on years of service: The reduction in entitlement assumes employee will be eligible for long service benefits after 10 years service. As part of that work, we have a public awareness campaign called Racism. Structured workplace learning xX]o6|\'y This combination of a strong economy, low unemployment and high salaries makes Australia massively attractive but now it is time to get down to business so here are a few tips on taking the right steps and avoiding the pitfalls! Well, based on an exercise I did in 2014, of the 64 Deputy Secretaries in the Australian Public Service at the time, there were only a handful of those with non-European backgrounds. Again I did an informal audit of the Group of Eight last year at the levels of Vice-Chancellor, Provost, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Pro Vice-Chancellor. endstream Ive spoken to some who have suggested to me that if youre really serious about diversity and inclusion, you cant put your faith in human resources, at least in human resources alone. 8 0 obj We dont, for example, need to conduct a radical experiment in the form what John Howard Griffin, an American journalist in the 1950s, did. We can reduce it to a question: is it about festivals or fairness? Explain what a conflicting interest is and provide one example. Moraitis, Glyde, Clarke, Richardson, Paul, Leon, Tune, Varghese, Halton, Campbell, Bowles, Beauchamp, Mrdak, Pratt, de Brouwer, Thawley, Lewis, Fraser. Ethnic ghetto one decade, a tourist attraction the next. But the way that such responses can be interpreted by those in leadership positions can be quite different. WebRoles and responsibilities 5.1.1 A person may have more than one duty and more than one person can have a duty. This depends on whether, for example, there is provision to pay overtime, or whether the extra hours pose a risk to the employees health or personal circumstances. But the rules can be different depending on your type of employment. if it is proposed that the student may need to undertake vehicle travel with their employer and/or supervisor during the arrangement, including travel to-or-from the workplace. If this occurs, all efforts should be made to organise alternative arrangements for students. Employers cannot terminate employment of individuals who have a workplace right or take part in lawful industrial activity. Structured workplace learning arrangement form, Timing and duration of structured workplace learning, Cancellation of structured workplace learning, Assessment of structured workplace learning arrangement, Privacy legislation and structured workplace learning, Prohibited or restricted industries or businesses and activities, Ministerial Order 55 Structured Workplace Learning, Structured workplace learning travel and accommodation form, Ministerial Order 1359 Implementing the Child Safe Standards Managing the risk of child abuse in schools, School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships, Vocational Education and Training Delivered to Secondary Students, Ministerial Order 55 Structured Workplace Learning Arrangements, Ministerial Order 1359 Implementing the Child Safe Standards Managing the risk of child abuse in school. <> <> Could you really imagine them managing this piece of work? We think its a modest but important way that organisations can signal that they are taking prejudice and discrimination seriously, because we cant combat this problem through legislation alone although I do think legislation does play a fundamental role in setting the tone of our society. Learn how to transform your company culture, engage your teams & encounter your goals. Principals must be satisfied that a student is either undertaking or has completed occupational health and safety (OHS) training prior to commencing structured workplace learning as follows: Employers and students participating in structured workplace learning should continue to follow COVIDSafe practices, in line with public health guidance and recommendations to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Now, so far as stereotypes go, you might think this is pretty benign. WebThe different types of organizational policies, procedures, processes, and systems for WHS are: Policies detailing the companys views on drugs and alcohol in the workplace and the actions that will be taken if an employee is found to be using drugs or alcohol at work. Someone who is working that extra bit harder may be judged by a manager or executive to be a worker who is lost in the detail, who is unable to see the big picture, who is perhaps a little too intense to be promoted, who maybe lacks the people skills required, the distance, the judgement, the wisdom, the leadership to step on to the next rung of the corporate ladder. WebOverall, the workplace culture in Australia is more relaxed and less formal, appreciating a collaborative approach and avoiding formality where possible. The maximum period over which working hours can be averaged out is 26 weeks, although employers or employees do not have to conclude an averaging out agreement. The department has developed comprehensive guidance, on the Guidance tab, to support schools to comply with their obligations under Ministerial Order 55. endobj I draw your attention to research done by Australian National University in 2010 involving resumes, 4000 resumes which were sent to prospective employers. Planning stage Identification of the problem or need Businesses develop policies and procedures in anticipation of a market or response to a need. endobj Who we are The Commonwealth, states and territories regulate and enforce WHS laws. 3. Why? Variations or amendments to the arrangement form may only be made in writing and must be signed by the employer, student, parent/guardian (if the student is under 18 years of age) and the principal. Let me share with you some other scenarios, quite different from what Ive just mentioned. Always shake hands We respectfully acknowledge the Traditional Owners of country throughout Victoria and pay respect to the ongoing living cultures of First Peoples. Workplace health Deciding that he wanted to understand racial segregation, Griffin, a white American, underwent ultraviolent treatments and began taking drugs in order to turn his fair skin into a darker pigmentation.

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