After identifying the location of the reset button, press the button. Though, to reset an AO Smith electric water heater, what can be done? Marey tankless water heater is a high-quality machine, making the hot water experience for the users worth it. IT. The reset button will be located right inside the panel. First, locate the thermostat on your A.O. Commercial Oil Fired. Any other models may have different codes for different issues. Our comprehensive A.O. Also, look for external particles or grease on the fan and burner. Moreover, if the error persists, you must turn the unit off, remove the intake filter, and clean it properly. Back To Instruction Manuals Residential Gas Tankless Product Support Before taking any step further, check the manual guide for clarity. If you are addressing these similar or any other related issues then its high time to get your tankless water heater checked. You should be able to listen to two thump sounds from the gas valve or a bustling spark ignition from the gas burner. The reset button might be tripped by loose wires. How does the AO Smith condensing water heater work. If the issue persists, change the exhaust thermistor. Smith electric water heater installed, you can adjust the temperature in a matter of minutes as long as you have access to the heater's panels. Due to this, I will recommend the users to just give a read to the guide in order to determine the exact location of their tankless water heater reset button. If they require cleaning, you must use running water and a toothbrush to clean deeply. If the water heater works properly, it will provide hot water excessively. If you are thinking of flushing and cleaning your tankless water heater system in order to get rid of impurities, dirt, and many other related issues then its an alarming situation to reset your system that involves simple and easy steps. For analyzing the temperature setting of the heater, turn that knob in a clockwise direction and set the temperature at the highest level, reaching its maximum capacity. It is typically located on the front of the unit. We offer residential and commercial training at our Ashland City, Tennessee facilities. There is some issue with the gas solenoid valve. The cause of this problem could be a range of different issues including connection issues, broken wires, and even corrosion around the connectors. Use a multimeter to test both the upper and lower thermostats for continuity. Make sure the wire connections are not wet or loose. Step By Step Instructions, How To Flush A Tankless Water Heater? Check for obstructions such as bird nests or leaves in the vents. To perform an AO Smith water heater gas valve reset, turn the power the water heater off and back on. The first step is to disconnect all the connections in order to avoid a short circuit. If your water heater is gas-powered, theres a good chance that it has a pilot light. Instruction Manuals | Residential Gas Tankless | A. O. Smith Residential Gas Tankless Product Literature Product Support Looking for out of production models? 3. This error code signifies that there is a problem with your outlet thermistor. I have a consistently recurring issue where the thermostats trip (requiring manual reset) AFTER the water has been heated. Join our exclusive 2,500+ email list to get tailored advice, product roundups, and be the first to see our new content. This is probably an indication of a faulty thermostat in either the upper or lower heating element. Hence, by following these simple two steps, the tankless water heater can easily be reset again. Here are some reasons why the reset button may trip. If your display screen is showing this error code and is flashing twice, then this is a sign that there is a problem with your water heaters air-fuel ratio rod (sometimes referred to as the AFR for short). There are several reasons behind the failure of the tankless water heater. How To Install Hot Water Heater Recirculating Pump? Sometimes the reset button wont turn on if. Check there are not burnt or damaged wires on the control board. How To Reset Your Tankless Water Heater All Things Plumbing, Heating & Air 161 subscribers 47K views 1 year ago Wondering how to reset your Tankless Water Heater? Smith water heater in your home, you may be wondering how to unlock it. The reset process is for solving the problem temporarily. Apart from this, it is also a great option for commercial and residential use. Just like with the previous thermistor failure errors, you should follow the same process to solve it. Furthermore, the next step is to set the thermostat of the water heater by turning the knob to the highest temperature for maximizing the capacity. This post was first published on 2022-04-04. Although you cannot individually reset the thermostat on your AO Smith water heater, if you suspect that this piece is the cause of any problems you are experiencing, you can test that the piece is working correctly by testing for continuity. Check if the hi-limit switch has not tripped. After releasing the press button, wait for a few minutes and observe the function of the tankless water heater. Check the thermistor for dirt or debris and loose, damaged, or broken wire connections. If they dont show continuity, replace them with new ones. In A.O. Jake Attachments If it still happens, you should turn the unit off and then turn it on after 30 seconds. Rinnai the Rheem be their main competitors in words of brand recognition. But before that, it is advised to turn off all the connections again until the issue is not solved properly. Instruction Manuals Water Heaters Tank amp Tankless. The LED display will show CE1 points. This final error code indicates that there is a false flame being detected within your water heater. Make sure that the gas control knob is set to the Pilot setting. 01 - AO Smith Water Heater Igniter Some water heaters use an igniter to ignite the gas. You can also use a toothbrush for deep and proper cleaning. To solve this error, check the thermistor to see if there are any loose wires or breakages that are causing the failure. However, with a model number we can check to see what yours is capable of. Probably not. Installation Type: Indoor Only. If you turn the cold water knob on any at all the heater starts cycling on off and then shuts off. This is a popular problem that a lot of AO Smith tankless water heater owners suffer from because this error code usually occurs when there is an ignition failure. If you arent particularly keen on tankless water heaters and prefer to stick with a water heater that still has a tank to heat what is within, then you know that the tank looks much different than that of a tankless water heater. Never tamper with a water heater that's still powered on. The best part of this tankless water heater is that it operates on electricity and does not function on the gas line. Electric water heaters have 2 thermostats, an upper and a lower one. Durable Copper immersion two heating elements, field Serviceable. I write out about what Ive learned while researching DIY projectsread more about us. Besides that, more errors also require resetting of the whole unit. You have two thermostats because the heater has an upper and a lower heating element. First of all, turn off all the outlets attached to the unit in your residence. Intake and exhaust terminals must have accurate clearance between them. Here's what you need to know to reset a tankless water heater. It will start heating the water and in this way, the water heater starts functioning properly. + What to Do Instead, A.O. Source: This guide will walk you through the detailed process of How to Reset Tankless Water Heater and bring it back to the functional track. Solution: This issue usually occurs in gas devices. Sometimes, these codes wont occur on display. Wait for about an hour, then turn the thermostat back to the On position. About Water Heaters; Register Your Water Heater; Support; Water Filters. Fuel Type: Natural Gas. This error code usually means there is a fault with the flow adjustment valve. If it starts heating the water then the tankless water heater is repaired. Products: Filters . bookfreenow com. This is the most common tankless water heater, available in an affordable price range. If you have an AO Smith water heater and are looking to reset the gas valve, read below to see what this process looks like. Double check with your water heaters manual first and if everything seems to be fine, then you need to call out a technician. You tell us what products and skills you want training on, an A. O. Smith University instructor will prepare a customized class for your company. If the breaker is switched off, then turn it ON and vice versa. This time, it is referring to a problem with your exhaust thermistor. Remove the upper access panel and unbent the wires. 1. Ao Smith Water Heater Troubleshooting. Unfortunately, if the unit does not function properly and the reset button trips and falls again, then I would recommend that it is better to call the expert to further solve the issues properly. The best part of this tankless water heater is that it is equipped with a highly responsive control panel that maintains the temperature of the water heater. } Thank you. If you have an AO Smith water heater and you want to reset the unit, take a look below to see what needs to be done to complete this process. Smith Water Heater. Hot Water Heater Reset Button (Where to Find It and What it. Visit the Product Support section. The best part of these tankless water heaters is that they are easy to use and can be reset easily in less time than conventional tank water heaters. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do just that: Furthermore, the user can even reset the unit by using the software. By providing high-quality content and expert guides, Adam hopes to help anyone looking for expert water heater advice. Whether you are looking to reset your AO Smith water heater as a whole or are trying to find a way to reset various components of the unit, there are laid out processes that work to ensure that the reset is not only implemented the way it should be, but that the reset is successful and effective as well. This tankless water heater is reliable, easy to use, compact in size, and available in an affordable price range. Every tankless water heater is equipped with a red colored reset button which is located in different spots, depending upon the company. Most AO Smith water heaters come with a warranty of between 6 and 12 years. After you hit the reset button, you should hear a clicking sound to indicate you successfully reset the water heater. Most of these common issues are water heater leaking, water heating issue, the noise of the heater, and much more. The A.O Smith water heater reset button on a gas or electric version can be found under the metal cover close to the middle of the unit. Our in-depth article covers condensing, non-condensing, indoor, outdoor, and low NOx water heaters with cutting-edge technology. 2. It was attached to a 120-volt grid, was sufficiently grounded, and had unblocked access to gas and water. Enter it here for your fast and easy solution: Start with your model number Need help finding your model number? Commercial Electric Tankless. We will show three error codes, the first for the heaters that are without a remote controller and have only blinking LED, the second for the machines that have remote controller, and the third for the units that have 7-SEG LED. If it is not possible to clean it, replace the valve. This is an older Atmor 24KW model, and has only been in operation about 2 years. Water heaters provide a luxury to individuals that many seem to overlook until they are left without the hot water that such units provide. The easiest way to reset your Navien tankless water heater is to press the reset button. This and many other issues can be solved by resetting the tankless water heater. Each and every day at A. O. Smith, we are working on developing state-of-the-art solutions that are pushing new boundaries and paving the way in our industry. To fix this error, you should first turn the unit off and then drain the water inside it. The foremost step to resetting a Takagi tankless water heater is to disconnect all the electrical and gas connections in order to avoid short circuits. Before that, you must switch the unit off for 30 seconds or reset your unit. Before starting any step, the first and foremost step is to switch off the power button and disconnect all the electrical connections in order to prevent any electric shock. Besides, if the water flow rate drops from 0.4 gallons per minute, the device stops working. Your email address will not be published. Flip it to the off position. Wait for the water in the unit to cool before proceeding. If the reset button is causing a problem, then replace the access panel and then turn the circuit ON. It indicates that there is something wrong with the flow sensor. If in case the reset button falls back and trips again, it will be better to call the expert for solving this issue. To reset an AO Smith electric tankless water heater, you will follow the same steps as previously mentioned for the gas water heater. Then find the reset button of the Rheem tankless water heater which is behind the insulation and press it inwards for a few seconds and then release it. A little surge or outage can cause the display screen to flash where power has been absent. This knob is usually located near the thermostat. However, the gas ones have two other types: condensing vs non condensing, Read More Condensing Vs Non-Condensing Tankless Water Heaters Which one is better 2022Continue, Have you ever taken a bath when the tankless water heater was off? Launch Product . I'm a homeowner and I like to do things myself. To solve this issue, you need to check for any condensation within the heater. If the problem is not solved even through resetting or error code, then press the reset button at least three times. It will start heating the water and function properly. Furthermore, the presence of a large amount of air in the gas line can also be one of the reasons for ignition problems. The breaker is usually located in the main electrical panel, and it will be labeled water heater or something similar. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If your water heater is electric, youll need to reset it by flipping the circuit breaker. You can reset your A.O Smith hot Water heater in four steps. Some units have a button in each location. You should also ensure they are securely attached. Most tank water heaters have an average lifespan of 8 to 12 years, and tankless water heaters can last as long as 20 years. Head to your hot water tank. If the above process is not working for you try calling a professional as this indicates a big problem. Extreme weather conditions such as storms or improper gas pressure could cause abnormal gas combustion. Now, go to the temperature controller and press the On/Off button twice. Error Code 03 (031) If this error code has appeared on your AO Smith tankless water heater's LED screen, then this is a sign that you have set the incorrect settings for the dipswitch. Ao Smith Water Heater Troubleshooting & Repair | Repair Clinic Choose Product 02 Identify Problem 03 Find Solutions Back Water Heater Repair Help Have Your Model Number? We lost power last week and ever since then, when we use hot water- the hot water heater sets itself back into vacation mode. Check the connection between the device and remote and confirm you have the right remote. Due to the above-listed problem, resetting of the atmor tankless water heater is necessary in order to prevent further issues. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Find the water heater's access panel and remove it. Smith gas and electric tank heaters, the reset button is located below the top panel cover on the side of the water heater. The electric fan and gas valve will adjust to deliver sufficient power for a given flow depending on the water flow rate.

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