Lawyers acting for the Labour front-bencher wrote to this newspaper after it approached her for comment. Im glad she stood for the leadership. DA Id done a lot of work on how black boys underachieve in secondary schools so I knew what a serious problem it was. I thought that biting a rozzer during the closed season was also on the charge sheet. As for his parentage, I understand that a better man said That is my misfortune, not my fault. The allegations made by his mother were not part of the case as she did not pursue charges. Unity News Network (UNN) is a News and Grassroots Information Centre established in April 2018. the general election in a little over a weeks time. Assuming that this is schizophrenia, for which this is about the right age, the FCO probably gently gave him the boot as he began to go off the rails. Eh, I dont think theres much political juice in slamming Diane Abbotts lunatic son. The terrified MP called police begging for help when James Abbott-Thompson began chasing her round her house with the scissors while claiming he had a gun in his dressing gown. Your email address will not be published. The temptation was there to write a snarky piece or at least tweet a snarky tweet heaping scorn on his privilege and/or his mothers parenting skills. DA Well its no more a problem than it is for Ed Balls who actually went to a public school. A couple who split their time between Manhattan and Colorado were sentenced Tuesday to one month in prison each for conspiring to fix their daughter's college entrance . Did he think he was invincible or had his charmed life as a Cambridge scholar and a diplomat made him arrogant? But had the latter not educated him in a manner which has become a by-word for political hypocrisy, or attempted to justify this by reference to her desire to avoid him becoming a young black London criminal, or herself been racist, then this would hardly have made the news. Clicking Here Now:, Islamic Girls School asks girls about menstruating habits if they fail to attend prayers, Trial hears how teachers in Telford failed to protect Grooming Gang victim. The former shadow home secretary stumbled over the . Whether that obtains here is another matter. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. Because he is not important. Any other suggestions? Some of his attacks caused significant injuries including one on a security guard who had to have six months off work after Abbott-Thompson claimed to be HIV positive. DIANE Abbott's son chased her with scissors and bit a cop in one of nine vicious attacks on emergency workers. BR But werent you effectively letting the other black boys sink while helping your own son to swim and not really caring about what happened to those left behind? The newspaper continued that after he was detained he want on to commit further violent offences. A member of the Labour Party, she served in the Shadow Cabinet of Jeremy Corbyn as Shadow Home Secretary from 2016 to 2020. The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO), Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. DA Some of my colleagues resent that but I think its just jealousy. According to a court report from the Daily Mail, James Abbott-Thompson was reported to the police by his mother after he allegedly chased her around her house armed with a pair of scissors whilst claiming that he had a firearm in his dressing gown pocket. District Judge Jane McIvor granted Abbott-Thompson bail yesterday ahead of a further hearing at Wood Green Crown Court next month. She was an ambitious girl and very early on decided to work towards getting the best education that she could. The laddies having problems rather than being one perhaps. Its noticeable that his LinkedIn page, updated in 2019, shows no signs of madness. View our online Press Pack. 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Instead, they always denied saying it, then talked about all their close friends of other races. The diplomat is then said to have chased her around her 1.2million home. Kendall Jenner flashes her derrire and TOWERS over her sisters in massive platforms at Met Kylie Jenner looks red hot in a skintight fiery gown with a thigh-high slit and a matching two-toned robe as Met Gala 2023: Here come the Brits! On November 7, Abbott-Thompson launched into a racially abusive attack on another female nurse and smashed her glasses. We may probably never know why James Abbott-Thompson didnt say no to the Meth, but because he did not, hes ruined his life and the lives of those who care for him. Is there any connection between him being the child of a single parent and his downfall? Understanding of high rates of schizophrenia in some ethnic groups may be enhanced by an exploration of protective factors. Solicitors sent a legal letter shortly after. Diane Abbott was supposedly the one to make the 999 call relating to her son threatening her with a firearm. Mild symptoms (grandiosity, visions, impetuous aggression) may even have helped prehistoric young males to get laid. Martin Robinson, Chief Reporter DIANE ABBOTT Well, since I made that decision Labour built five new secondary schools in Hackney, one of them with some of the best GCSE results in the country. But when told they were not present, he flew into a rage with workers who called the police when he refused to leave. If you became leader how could you take Labours total belief in state education to the country knowing youve done something with your own son that you called indefensible? Id also throw in foetal alcohol syndrome as an occasional factor, plus skunk although, as Jim says, that bit can be rather circular. STUNNING CHRISTMAS GIFT SETS AVAILABLE! Mr Abbott-Thompson is the only son of Labour's shadow home secretary, and Ghanaian architect Richard Thompson. Were better than them in oh so many moral ways indeed since their whole envy-driven, hateful, violent, grasping creed is immoral, in ALL of them. (2) While there seemed to be a decent chance that his mother would become Home Secretary he was accorded a disgraceful degree of privilege. Diane Abbott has accused the Conservative party of unleashing the most vicious and negative general election campaign in her memory, expressing her disappointment that a female prime minister. We must judge individuals by their behaviours and the content of their characters not by slapdash reference to political tribes, classes, races, or genders. >More generally, it would be interesting to know why he left (/was recalled) from his FCO post in Rome. I actually posted on Abbotts son yesterday at my blog. News Group Newspapers Limited in England No. How he came to be hired by the F.O. Definitely no cultural reason why single black mothers cant raise decent kids despite going to the wall for them. So, to be clear, the indictment would plead something like: Ahmed Smith-Scrote, on or about 19th August 2019, at Nelson Mandela Way, did poke on the snoot Kai Charburgundy-Osabanjo, and at the time of so doing, or immediately before so doing, was motivated in the said snoot-poking by hostility to Kai Charburgundy-Osabanjos race, namely Jedi. He was sent to an independent school, thereby sparing him the culture of the racism of low expectations of Black Britons that has been created by the Left dominated teaching unions in State schools. B. ritain's first black woman MP, Diane Abbott, was forced to issue a humiliating apology today after making allegedly racist remarks about white people. Theres undoubtedly a racial dimension to crime, Mr Car. This means that we may include adverts from us and third parties based on our knowledge of you. Distraction tactics. The grey area between being criminally responsible and being a total nutter is very large indeed. 22:00 BST 29 Jul 2020 In my experience theyve always had to follow the Code for Crown Prosecutors (I think there is now a Code for Private Prosecutors, also), which sets out a two stage test: 1) is there a realistic prospect of conviction, 2) is prosecution in the public interest? Diane Abbotts son had crystal meth delivered to her home when she was Shadow Home Secretary, a court heard yesterday. DA They say Im disloyal to Labour but I voted for everything in the manifesto. We also may change the frequency you receive our emails from us in order to keep you up to date and give you the best relevant information possible. Diane Abbott's son has been charged with a string of violent offences including allegedly assaulting police and NHS staff.James Abbott-Thompson, 28, was also accused of exposing himself in. I hope this guy can rebuild his life but it may be impossible, he might have done too much damage to his brain to be able to do that. Thats how racially aggravated charges usually work. Your email address will not be published. He also sank his teeth into a police officer before battering two nurses, a doctor, a therapist and four more cops as they desperately tried to detain him under the Mental Health Act in a "drug-induced psychosis". And on November 29 he assaulted two officers outside the Foreign Office, where he was employed until leaving that summer to do consultancy work. The exception is Tim Worstall, who is truly the Ron Jeremy of blogging. They had one son together . By Rebecca Camber Chief Crime Correspondent For The Daily Mail, Published: 22:03 BST, 22 April 2020 | Updated: 22:21 BST, 22 April 2020. On November 29 Abbott-Thompson turned up unannounced at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and asked to see a welfare officer. QUALITY BADGES IN A LOVELY GIFT BOX. Indeed, it may hardly have been a conspiracy at all perhaps it was just a case of The Left doing what comes naturally. As we reported yesterday Diane Abbotts son has been charged with biting & spitting on a Police Officer and we were one of the first media outlets to get this out. The Met Gala's heavenly bodies! These charges are notoriously garbled. How could she do it? Tim may be wrong about stuff, but ..that, ultimately, makes up for his beating squirrels to death for a hobby, Tim Worstall a horrid man who is anti-minimum wage among other repugnant things Socialist News. If the lad has had a breakdown, how long before someone in The Guardian suggests that its a result of living in our horribly racist society? Diane Abbott is seen as a trailblazer for representation within parliament She fought racism and opposition from within her own party to become the UK's first black female MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington in 1987 - a seat she has been returned to at nine elections since with big majorities. Biological or genetic susceptibility do not appear to explain high rates of schizophrenia in black Caribbeans. I did learn a few generalities it was a common age for the symptoms first to appear, the chances of a permanent cure were about nil, and so forth. Has the troubled young man had a positive male role model during his formative years? I was worried and isolated. Oh man. No charges would have been brought. In a statement on Tuesday, Scotland Yard said: A man has been charged with assault following an incident at around 2.45pm Friday Nov 29 at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in King Charles Street, Westminster. A wise and ancient Chinaman said Man who catch fly with chopstick, accomplish anything., Diane . Police were first called to then shadow home secretary Miss Abbotts 1.2million home in Hackney, East London, on July 26 last year. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy. He may be having problems, but he also is one. DA Because there isnt much else to criticise me for. I dont think you can have pain and soul-searching doing the right thing for your child. You want some of this? Another doctor was doused with a bowl of hot custard and later a canteen tray was used to hit a female therapist. (silence) No. When do we reach that point in the war with the Left? Racism itself may contribute to social exclusion, increasing the vulnerability to schizophrenia. Ms Abbott, the Labour MP for Hackney and Stoke Newington, was widely criticised for her decision to send her son to the fee paying City of London. gresham novitiate takeover, who did the sapphires marry in real life,

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