Capital One, which replaced its cybersecurity chief four months after the incident, was fined $80 million in August 2020 for the security breach and its failure to keep its users financial data secure. I logged on to my account, saw no message so immediately contacted their fraud department for spoof emails. For any additional queries, please contact the bank. If you're signed in and not using CitiManager for several minutes, your session will "time out." I have not gotten any mail correspondence from them letting . Still haven't received my money from my account $20,000 yes - 2+0+0+0+0 He was able to intercept Citibank customers phone calls and, as the customers authenticated their accounts by punching in their account numbers and PINs, obtain the information he needed to commit the fraudulent transactions. Social Engineering is when fraudsters contact you impersonating someone else with the intention of obtaining your personal and/or card information. Please ensure your account is funded to complete the initiated financial debit (outward) transaction. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. After a three of these letters and subsequent calls, they did close my checking account. Hello Anita, I remember they verified my ID by a phone call. Accounts automatically lock after seven unsuccessful log-in attempts. Key Takeaways. Mortgage Only Customers. Im going threw it now they locked me all because they say my phone is not verifiable. There's thousands of dollars in there and they said they would mail me a check within 30-60 days? Citi doesnt let you reopen credit card accounts that have been closed. Hey budy, At least try to redeam your cashback form your Costco cash card throught the automated phone system. I called and they re-opened it. If they don't unlock the account and give me access to my money before April 8 ,I'm not gonna be able to to pay my phone bill. no i need my FUNDS NOW! The letter states, " Based on your current account activity, we will close your account on 8/31/10. Have a credit score of 750! Nobody knows your accounts better than you. A couple of weeks after they closed the account, I noticed an ACH payment taken out of my checking account from Citibank. Citi simply has a business practice that is unbecomingly inconsiderate towards its customers. I have been calling Citibank to find out why account was locked. I would not recommend this bank to anyone. If we notice suspicious activity on your card, we may contact you by phone, text or email* to confirm you have authorized that purchase. The O.C.C. About a day after doing this, I found out that I just couldn't log into my Citi account anymore (with no explanation), but I initially guessed that maybe I just had to activate my debit card and it would work. Republican Party affiliates got shut down again! The CitiManager Mobile App doesn't store personal account information on mobile devices, so your accounts are not exposed if your phone is lost or stolen. I had two cards with zero balance and one that I use as a daily. Check for Outstanding Overdrafts.,,,,, Come to find out the account has been closed. Where are our elected representatives to defend us? They closed both accounts. Confirm your address in not more than two steps and activate your account. Im sailing in the same boat now, i have the same exact situation right now .What did you end up doing? I have been, what they called, a loyal customer at Citibank for many years. My account is barely 2 months old. Why does my cat sleep on the floor instead of her bed? Did you get your check in 30 to 60 days . You are right. and they will respont within 30 days, I have called 4 days in a row and I have not gotten an explaination. This review was chosen algorithmically as the most valued customer feedback. Had I received notification, I would not have gotten the work done or made other arrangements. P.s I also opened a new Citi checking account and savings with the offer of 2.5% cashback as mentioned by one of the other posters but I don't know if has something to do with that, luckily my checking and savings accounts are still active I hope i can get the bonuos on that, Exact thing, just received a letter from Citi, saying my checking account and Two credit cards closed .. no explication or warning .. of what ? tried again, same thing, immediately msg citibank through the app on my ipad, they call me, after asking wtf, they exclaim no problem on their end, no they didnt freeze, no they didnt close my acct, theyve no idea what im talking about, so I go on checking around my acct in the app, I see an area to wire money to pay employees or what have you, so I proceed to send two, the first a smaller to make sure it works, so $475.. it says successful, and it does actually go into another acct I have and sent to, so I go back in and go for the almost remainder, $12, 000, again, successful the transactions reads, I wait, and to no avail, check citibank, and it doesnt show it there either, per my acct balance, after a couple hours I check citibank again, boom, its back, my 12 grand, so I try once more, $11, 900, charges are ridiculous for the wires so had to do a different amount, so I send, it says successful then reads pending day after day the same, finally several days later said it was denied, but guess what my acct balance does t yield it,.80 cents was the last I saw, and havent been able to get into my acct since although, ive contacted better business bureau, and filed a complaint with them, they in turn have filed with citibank they are money stealing thieves, all of them, cause ive talked to at least that many overthecourse of five days! I guess they decided they weren't making enough money off of me. And i finally got someone that spoke perfect Spanish . Authenticate OTP, post which you will be able to view your card number, expiry and CVV. Finally, when I did call this number I got a real answer, which was that they were in the process of closing the account and that I would not be able to open account with Citi again. A lot of times I save my rewards on the double cash, fortunately I redeemed my $600 balance right after my last statement closed. Citigroup suffered about US$2.7 million in losses after hackers found a way to steal credit card numbers from its website and post fraudulent charges. Lay it flat in a well-lit area with the card number facing up. Instead, Citibank accidentally wired a total of $900 million to a group of 10 asset managers (whose clients received more than half of the $900 million payment) and other creditors behind a 2016 syndicated term loan to Revlon. I should have listened to everyone else that told me not to go with Citibank. Enter OTP received on your registered mobile number and click on, Browse and upload address proof and click on. please follow this link <URL> to verify your identity. If you spot a problem, raise a dispute in CitiManager or contact us immediately. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. and its affiliates in the United States and its territories. The interest rate doesn't matter to me since I usually pay it in full, but if they shut me down because they don't make enough money from me even though I spend a good chunk of money on their card, then that means there is something wrong with the bank and not with the consumer. I would like to verify the KYC document number, I have not submitted a valid KYC document in the past. i kept taking the card out and putting; When i call my friend via viber,using my samsung note book ii, the call fails. If you require assistance, please contact Citibank Online Customer Service at 1-866-422-0306 [TTY 1-210-677-0065] and mention Error Code MFA. Today I find out my citi double card was closed. The Citi rep said to call back when fully credited and can issue a check for the credit balance. Any advice or anything would be appreciated. Checked Citibank app and learned all 3 cards closed, including one with Costco membership. Additionally, I am fairly confident that the company has staff, executives, and board members where many are registered with the Republican Party and many who are registered with the Democratic Party. Named for SMS (Short Message Service), the technology used for cell phone text messaging, SMiShing messages appear to be from a legitimate company and typically contain a link that takes you to a spoof website or asks you to call a phone number. But I have linked some cards to my utililiteis bills. Closed my account after being a loyal customer, always paid on time, never one late payment. They have effectively made me never want to do business with them again. TERRIBLE ! Upon receiving the letter, I called the phone number mentioned on the letter. I have been paying my bill on-time, and when I called Customer Service, I was given many false reasons as to why my account has been blocked (my address was wrong, though I have not moved; I haven't made 6 consecutive on-time payments, which I have verification that I have; the limit was lowered, but the card has been off for over a year?). In situations where the bank closed your account because it showed a negative balance, you need to pay up to avoid being shut out by other banks later on. I hate that I had to bail them out and now they are bailing on me. Just following up on your status. South Dekota I was sure this was a scam email since I have perfect credit and have had this card for 26 years. Set up Account Alerts. Then she told me your account is "under review" it's gonna take 24-48 hours to maybe unlock i told her what do u mean MAYBE ? Also, it will be a cold day in hell that I ever call them again. I got a new 0% interest for 18 months citi card in Jan. 2020. . Fraud transaction reported with clear all the detail 2 months back and citi bank not taken any action, Complete refund of my entire checking account, Citibank - incorrect reporting to credit bureaus, Citibank - Unacceptable behavior and business practice, Citibank - Approved loan, cash not received, comment of Bourbon Manor Bed and Breakfastwn. Citibank initiated closing my bank account because I received an SBA eidl loan. I have been a loyal customer for over 30 years. All my spending is going to my chase card. I would call and they would tell me not to worry, they don't see any reason why the letter was sent. Luckily, the woman let me take my car, but only with the agreement that I pay within 5 days or face legal action. I have a similar situation. I went to buy a money order for rent for 1k, transaction declined, got the notification saying do you approve this I clicked yea it's me and tried again after being prompted to try again, declined, so I called had the rep on the line with me they did some stuff on the computer then said try again, declined, they did more stuff on the computer and said try again, declined they then said I was over my monthly spending limit (wtf?) I don't know what the heck is going on. comment of Upsetting is an understatement. Look for the padlock icon in the browser and the "https" prefix in the URL to confirm that the website is using SSL. Include your name and the last 6 digits of your Citi Commercial Card. Im in the process of buying a home and just lost 1/4 of my available creditThis bank is shady. Oh, but they said I can call to make arrangements to avoid closure. If you didn't sign-in then, you'll know there has been unauthorized account access. Since I could not use the no credit card, had to cancel and pay again for a new Budget rental agreement. I filed a complaint with the Office Of The Comptroller Of Currency. I have a new bank account with Citi, I didn't use it for like a month while I was going through the hiring process with my new job. And she was like it's up to the fraud department to unlock it or not ! Since like i said i still haven't gotten paid from my new job since I just started i feel screwed . I paid it down quite a bit because of the interest rate. A spoof website is one that mimics a popular company's website to lure you into disclosing confidential information. We're not in the position to have our commercial account closed with no notice. Mistake! I thought that was the purpose of a rewards credit card. OMG OMG OMG after reading these posts, I am honestly shocked. Select dormant account, purpose of upload as Dormant Documents Submission and Document Type as Passport. They just cancel not one but all three of my Citi cards with no advanced warning of an kind. It's a fallacy. At the end of June 2020, they closed the account and demanded payment in full since the account was closed. Levin, they say, used telecommunications systems, not the internet, to break into Citibank. This country is NOT run by corrupted corporations. You can view and update the information we have on file for you by signing into your account on CitiManager. I paid them any interest, I always pay off my balance each month. We have the costco card, we hardly ever leave a balance so can't understand this, but this is our primary card we use, so it's not like they aren't raking in the dough from transaction fees. The calls always have bad connection. Late May, I call and they say its odd nothing has been done on the account but see my prior call info. I don't know whom to complain. That was in 2019 then today I find out they closed my account anyway with no warning nor valid reason and the only thing I was told was "security procedure" being the reason given for them closing an account that was over 14 years old. I'm like what the hell is going on here? citi wont talk to me. What a crock! And the 3 times they didn't hang up i had a really hard time understanding them they had a really thick Indian accent or something. I'm so furious. But no matter the reason, a closed account is a closed account, and when they are closed in this manner they are almost never re-opened. Citi says only North American cardholders were affected, though the tally of affected accounts has now jumped from about 200,000 to more than 360,000. I gave them all my details and she told me I was verified so that was good . Reward points are washed up, luckily I dont leave much left. Get alerts delivered to your mobile phone so you can stay updated on your account activity. Every time I call them to inquire about the closing of my accounts , the day they can only send out the reason through mail. So when I was opening the Citibank account i transferred 25 bucks from a prepaid debit card i had . Also, they raised my Interest rate to 29.99%. Capital One has agreed to pay $80 million to settle federal bank regulators claims that it lacked proper cybersecurity protocols, more than a year after a Seattle-based software engineer hacked into a cloud server and stole customers social security numbers, bank account information and credit card applications, Aug 6, 2020, It was also the time where Citibank fell victim to what many consider one of the first great cybercrimes. provides information about and access to accounts and financial services provided by Citibank, N.A. Thieves know how to retrieve this information, or even set it up to automatically have it sent back to them! Physical letters sent to your address may be getting returned and your account would have been placed in 'address confirmation pending' status for mutual protection. Next step is to get an attorney for me. What are they smoking? It helps ensure that hackers or other third parties can't intercept data while it's en route. I worked so hard to build my credit. SBA Paycheck Protection Program Customers. What does the Affordable Care Act include? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. A year after that, I attempted to reapply for their Brooks Brothers account. Then I thought it was a scam because one of the representatives said I'd have to give him all my information including my SSN to file an appeal, but I mentioned I wasn't comfortable with this so he forwarded me to Technical Support who could file my appeal otherwise without it. I called immediately and gave them my checking account number, but the woman took it down incorrectly and of course it was rejected. Submit a complaint and get your issue resolved. Totally down for a class action against them, who's in? I'm also furious that they didn't tell me and declined a charge with CVS caremark and now I'm waiting on a script. I went to the branch and the staff told me she had no idea, maybe I should call their hotline online. Also, beware of spoof web forms that ask you to provide confidential information that a legitimate company would not ask the customer to enter for a particular transaction. I, Im going through the same thing. I made over 15 calls and they hanged up on me 12 times yes they literally just hanged up on me. Now proceed to Funds Transfer to execute a financial transaction to complete the activation process. Also because I am starting a new job and i already gave my new employer the new Citibank routing and account number.So when I was opening the Citibank account i transferred 25 bucks from a prepaid debit card i had . They'd go out of business. They flagged my money transfer to *fund* my Citi account as fraudulent and I'm having a hard time getting ID'ed over the phone. I'm with you. Requests to renew your bank service The message may say your banking web service has expired, and to renew it you need to select an enclosed link and visit your bank's website where you can update your account information. When you perform sensitive or high risk online transactions, or if our controls determine that your login attempt may be unauthorized, Citi may send you a one-time-use . Avoid selecting links in unsolicited text messages Instead, go directly to the company's website and fill out information there. Citibank locked my account and won't release funds for up to 30-60 days. Select an account type and use the Primary Account Holder's Information to verify your identity. The next morning I learned that they did indeed close my account without ever contacting me! I will be filing with the BBB and attorney general's office in my state and the state of their incorporation. I was able to setup zelle on the Citibank app . They closed both cards on 1/18/20 and wouldn't tell me why after several phone calls, I found out that my son made an online payment and enter the wrong account number and next day he paid it and two days later they closed both of my accounts. No proper explaination. Fraud dept doesnt know anything except you will receive a check in 60 business days and hung up in my face! Failing to pay your bills isnt the only thing that will cause a card issuer to close your account. Is there anything I can do like this can't be ok I'm not committing fraud like I have to pay rent every month and the job check in getting are from Amazon, the last check was home Depot so they're totally reputable companies. Citi acknowledged the breach earlier this month, saying hackers had accessed more than 360,000 Citi credit card accounts of U.S. customers. CSR talked to me in a tone like I was doing something fraudulent and concludes with Well keep and eye on it! Keep an eye on what? They keep putting you on hold. They made bad business decisions and They get a bail out. Let us know if there will be a class action lawsuit, we are in. If you notice anything unusual, you can raise a transaction dispute online in CitiManager by selecting the transaction and clicking Dispute. Additionally, you can also contact service using the number on the back of your card or this link: No reason. If you use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)such as Vonage or Skypebe on guard for calls that play a recording claiming your credit card or bank account has had unusual activity, and give you a phone number to call. Approved in early March 2018 with $12, 500 credit limit. Did anyone figure out how to get their money back. I kept receiving the same kind of letter for 4, 5 months, kept calling the customer service upon reception of every letter, went to the branch at least 2 times and kept being told that everything was fine and that they was no reason to worry A place to discuss the in and outs of banking. They could care less about how their actions will affect peoples credit scores. Click on Activate. Citi then sends you a notification with a prompt to reset your password to safely regain access. I've had my citi double cash back card with them since 2015 and received an offer to open a savings account with them last year when I received an offer to get 2.5% back through the end of 2020 for opening it. A closed account is any account that has been deactivated or otherwise terminated, either by the customer, custodian or counterparty. If so please advise. Some fraudulent prevention peeps argued I have to visit a branch 1000 miles away. For more information, please see our obviously it didnt do anything. You can track the status of the request under 'view status' option,, Your account may be in 'Dormant' status due to inactivity in the account for more than 6 months, Physical letters sent to your address may be getting returned and your account would have been placed in 'address confirmation pending' status for mutual protection, Valid Driving License containing address (front and back), Valid Passport containing address (first page and last page), Document issued by government departments of foreign jurisdictions with address on it, Letter issued by Foreign Embassy/Mission in India mentioning address (acceptable as address proof only if you hold foreign passport), Transaction is from your own account and remittance is in foreign currency (i.e. And they took one payment miss to close both accounts, one of which hadb700 dollars if Costco rewards. In November they jacked my rate up to 30%! If you suspect that you've received a fraudulent email message from us, please forward it to us at The first representative was nice, but when she transferred my call the next person immediately picked up, which I thought was odd. Citi uses a variety of features to protect your information while you are accessing the CitiManager App from your mobile device: You sign-in to the CitiManager Mobile App with the same User ID and Password you use to access your accounts on the CitiManager webpage. I am currently in the same situation. no explanation. I'll probably close the account. A spoofed web form is one that is injected by malware and rendered by your browser after you sign on to the company's site asking you to provide confidential information. Don't respond to unknown numbers If you miss a call on your mobile device or receive a text message from an unknown number, it's safer to ignore the call or delete the message. I am cutting up the card and sending 1 peice a day to them, at a time. As an important account monitoring tool, these notifications allow a timely response for customers who did not make a change, and provide peace of mind for those who did initiate the change themselves. However, you may be able to reapply for a card you have had in the past. Same here. Is there anything I can do to get my money back faster? Then yesterday afternoon around 12 I tried to log in and i kept getting "access blocked" for security reasons we cannot allow you to proceed. As a Citi Commercial cardholder, you can be assured that we are constantly trying to improve ways to help safeguard and protect you and your account. I have similar condition when 2 days ago I was filled up the gas in Costco Fullerton, CA. I applied for several retail cards through them in attempt to rebuild my credit. Its toxic to us all, in the end. Activate a Card. A spoof, or fake, website will not be able to display your User ID. I called immediately again, and the woman this time took the number correctly and it went through. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Thanks so much for your advice. I verified that 2 transaction were good. Of course, this department has no phone number! Ive had excellent payment history the entire time I have had the card for 2 years. These communications may include, but are not limited to, account agreements, statements and disclosures, changes in terms or fees; or any servicing of your account. Once installed, it records everything you type, including any User IDs, Passwords and account or personal information. I was costing citi too much money even though they made a fortune off the transaction fees. I was shocked, I have no idea why they closed it, but it makes total sense now, they just weren't making enough money from me OF COURSE, why am i even surprised. I only noticed because I logged into the account. Come to find out the account has been closed. The breach exposed the names of customers, account numbers and contact information. You should also watch out for SMS (plain text) and MMS (multimedia) message headers that start with the number 19. I made monthly payments of roughly $200-$300 in both May and June 2020. There has nothing from them, the customer service sucks. They said write a letter using the address on the letter for an explanation. If there was an issue with my accounts, I have never been able to know what it was and not able to provide any explanation. Why would you connect a mixer to an audio interface? Please ensure that the size of consolidated file is less than 2MB. Banking customers were swindled out of more than 450m last year via push payment fraud, where people are tricked into transferring money online to a criminal who may even be posing as their bank,. Then I received a letter dated October 20 that my account was past due. I am shocked. Please note that Citi Commercial Cards will only send you a One-Time Passcode (OTP) to: Citi will never send you an OTP unexpectedly and then contact you to ask you to read it back to us for authentication. It's been OVER 90 DAYS! I know citi is out the 2 percent (I found out I'm not getting the 2.5 percent since the bank account wasn't opened the required 12 months and how convenient for citi that they closed it just a few days before 12 months after opening it). 5 Tips to Avoid Romance Scammers: Protect your heart- and wallet. and froze my money, I had no clue about why my bank account being closed until reading this post. They did the exact same to me I deposited a money order and two days later it was close did you get you check ? I read that back in 2015, Citi wanted to remove its "bad bank" reputation, but it seems like they are still doing it now. The CitiManager Mobile App doesn't store personal account information on mobile devices, so your accounts are not exposed if your phone is lost or stolen.. Additional Authentication. I am shocked because if you spend a lot on the card, then they should be making a lot of money off you. Even if you don't supply any information, just selecting the link may enable thieves to access your computer, record your keystrokes, and capture your passwords. Some mobile service providers in conjunction with anti-virus companies offer phone based anti-virus software designed to protect your phone. I can only conclude they don't want customers that pay off their account each month so they don't make their finance charge fees. I went to buy a money order for rent for 1k, transaction declined, got the . with "No reason" specifically mentioned to disclose. Well, she connected me to an idiot robot named SALLY. I recently could not make one payment due to COVID-19 related loss of employment, and the next thing I know, they closed the account. If you're suspicious about a Citi phone number received via text message, you can always call the number on the back of your card instead. Such a hassle and hours of my time, stuck at an airport with bad prepaid rental and no reasonable explanation from Citi why my credit was canceled after following all the rules and keeping balance paid off long before due dates for about two months. It does not, and should not be construed as, an offer, invitation or solicitation of services to individuals outside of the United States. Even if you don't enter any information, selecting the link can lead to other problems, such as installing key logging software or dangerous viruses on your phone. I've had three credit cards since 2018, and they've all expired. No bankrupticy - no collections - just high debt. They can even fake the URL that appears in the address field at the top of your browser window and the padlock that appears in the lower right corner. I just opened my account and deposited money. Citi's Fraud Early Warning systems review your accounts for fraudulent activity, free of charge. They did not even admit any fault, provide any explanation or even a simple apology. My Big-O card was discontinued, and I did not find out until the work was done and I tried to pay! Please send it to us as an attachment. I have a credit score of 840, this will surely inpact my rating that I made sure stayed hi for years, just for them to ding it..I am so pissed. Just enough for the bank to investigate. If you notice any changes to your account that you didn't make, contact us immediately. Just called because my card stopped working. I'm not a Republican, but my account was also closed. Citi bank canceled my card too but only after 6 years. I've only spent a couple hundred bucks, mainly new shirts from Walmart and new boots. Here's how it works. Your account may be in 'Dormant' status due to inactivity in the account for more than 24 months.

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